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Heart Disease Case

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Essay Preview: Heart Disease Case

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Heart Disease

In this summary team A will discuss heart disease which is a range of conditions that affect the heart. At some point in life either you or a loved one will be obligated to make very important decisions about some aspect of heart disease. Knowing more about the heart will empower you to make knowledgeable decisions about your health. Information that will be given is the definition of heart disease, the background, cost, risk factors as well as treatment.

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease is really an overall term used for types of disorders affecting the heart such as coronary artery disease which is blood vessel diseases, problems with the rhythm of the heart (arrhythmias), and defects of the heart some people inherit at birth. Heart disease also used with the term cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the narrowing or blocking of blood vessels, possibly leading to a heart attack, stroke or even pain in the chest. Even conditions that affect the muscle in your heart, and valves are also considered forms of heart disease.

Background & Cost

There are many different aspects one has to consider when it comes to the health care cost in heart disease. “Heart disease and stroke, the first and third leading causes of death for men and women, are among the most wide spread and costly health problems facing our nation today, yet they also are among the most preventable.” (Disease Control, 2010, para.1). Other aspects such as treatment, medical bills, and disabilities also play major roles in the expense and cost of heart disease. According to the chronic disease prevention and health promotion in 2010, the estimated cost for heart disease was around $444 billion dollars. (Disease Control, 2010). Heart disease is one of the Nation’s leading cause of death, which accounts for one dollar of every 6 dollars spent towards health care cost in America. Studies show a recent decline in deaths in the United States, and the overall cost of direct care for heart disease continues to rise. There is a higher number of deaths in the African American community than any other community, reason are due to eating habits. “Coronary artery disease (CAD), also called heart disease or ischemic heart disease, results from a complex process known as atherosclerosis (commonly called “hardening of the arteries”)” (Times, 2013). Meaning the waste products and fatty deposits of cholesterol will build up in the lining of the heart. This process prevents oxygen from going to the heart, which results in blockage in the arteries. This full process will result in injury to the heart tissues. Once that artery becomes completely blocked the end result is a heart attack.

Risk Factors

The effect on never-ending diseases, for example, coronary illness, tumor and diabetes are the well-known reasons of failure and death in the U.S. Singular conduct and way of life decisions impact the advancement and course of these continuous conditions. Unfortunate practices, for example, a poor eating routine, absence of physical action and tobacco use, are danger components for some never-ending conditions and diseases. Urging people to embrace sound tendencies and practices can decrease the load of endless infection in groups all through the U. S.

As per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), coronary illness and stroke are the primary components of cardiovascular infection. The main and third driving reasons for passing away for both male and female in the U. S., representing about 40 percent of all passing. Consistently, more than 927,000 Americans pass from cardiovascular disease. Likewise, more than one-fourth (70 million) of Americans live with a cardiovascular illness (Fierro, M. 2006).

More than 6 million hospitalizations every year are because of cardiovascular infection. Costs for cardiovascular disease in 2005 are assessed at $394 billion, including therapeutic services uses and lost gain fulness from death and inability. Danger considers that can be controlled to avoid heart attacks and strokes incorporate elevated cholesterol, hypertension, weight and diabetes. Hazard practices that people can change include tobacco use, poor eating practice and physical activity (Fierro, M. 2006).

States have implemented disease management programs as of late to control social insurance costs. Different states have worked constant sickness avoidance programs for a long time. As of late, state policymakers have started re-surrounding endless disease management and infection aversion programs as a major aspect of health projects.

Health activities incorporate numerous



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