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Hemochromatosis Case

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Two years ago Liam, my husband, started to see a new family Physician. On the first visit to the new doctor, Liam had explained he had concern with leg pains that he had had since he was young. At the time the doctor thought nothing of it and recommended Tylenol.

Some considerable amount of time later I asked my husband to go back to the doctor. Nothing to serous, Liam was still having these unexplainable leg pains and was constantly exhausted. The doctor sent him for the regular blood work. It was a whole week later until he received the call for the results. The doctor had his nurse call the house to set up an appointment. Liam has never really liked going to the doctor, I think he only goes because I ask him to. One week later he was sitting in the physician's office waiting for to hear the news. The doctor informed Liam that his Ferritin levels were extremely high.

The doctor then asked "How long he had been having leg pains?"

Liam's answer surprised the doctor "Since I was a teenager."

"Why have you waited two years to come back for the pain?'

This upset Liam "I told you about my leg pain and you gave me the same answer all the other doctors did. Don't worry about....take Tylenol." Liam stood up and stormed out the office, all before he could ask the doctor what high ferritin levels mean. He hurried home to tell me what had happened.

I was shocked that he had stormed out of the office before getting the whole answer. What do the high levels mean? He and I sat down at the computer to try and answer the questions ourselves. All searches were pointing to one answer. Liam has Hemochromatosis. My heart sank as I read further. Hemochromatosis is a build-up of iron in the blood which eventually starts to build up on the internal organs. It is hereditary and treatable but not curable. How could we have missed this, and he just walked out on his doctor! There was only one thing left to do. Liam had to apologize.

He got on the phone to call the doctor's office and was placed on hold well the nurse let the doctor know it was Liam on the phone. Liam explained "I was just frustrated; I have had these pains for a while and have been told it was nothing. Then I felt you where accusing me for not knowing better to come back. I'm scared and would like it if you could still be my doctor?"

The Doctor pondered for a moment and accepted the apology. By the end of the conversation Liam had another appointment with the physician.

Liam received more blood work and it was confirmed. He had hereditary Hemochromatosis. He called his mom and dad wright away to let them know that they too would need to be checked. His parents results came back to state they are both carriers, meaning it does not impact them as



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