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High Profit Paid Methods

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Essay Preview: High Profit Paid Methods

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In Part I of our series of traffic generation guides, I'd like to talk to you about paid methods, and something called Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC for short. You may have heard of this method, and you would have ALMOST DEFINITELY seen it in action, whether you know about it or not!

In fact, anyone who's ever used a search engine to look something up - such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN, AOL, etc - will have clicked on somebody's Pay-Per-Click ad...

But do you know just how POWERFUL this method really is?

Well, to give you an idea, I've made tens of thousands in the last 5 years, from PPC advertising alone!

And the search engines I've predominantly used to do achieve this are Google, Yahoo and MSN.

The reason for this is that Google, Yahoo and MSN collectively dominate over 95% of all search engine traffic. This means that 95% of YOUR potential consumers will be searching for products using these three search engines.

And because of this, your product MUST be on there if you have any aspirations of making big money!

To highlight this fact, take a look at the pie chart below, which illustrates the percentage amount that each search engine is used to perform searches online:

As you can see, 77% of searches are performed on Google...

So if that's where the customers are and that's where the big money is, then that's EXACTLY where we're going to start!

In fact, Google is so crucial to your advertising success that I've decided to dedicate virtually this entire volume to their PPC advertising programme, known as Google AdWords...

And hopefully by the end of it you'll be in a position where you'll be able to start advertising your website via AdWords, and generating tons of hungry and targeted traffic towards your affiliate offers.

And then you can start to make some SERIOUS MONEY!

Google AdWords Explained...

There are some beginners to internet marketing that run away screaming at the very mention of Google AdWords. They don't really know what it involves. Or if they do, they're not really sure how it works.

But there's no reason to feel apprehensive or intimidated. AdWords is simply Google's name for their Pay-Per-Click system.

It's that simple!

Whether you have your own website set up or you want to promote someone else's product as an affiliate, you must know how to use AdWords effectively. If you don't, you're missing out on a small fortune (and probably a very large fortune too!).

During the course of this module, I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to use this system to start advertising products online, and I'm going to explain EVERYTHING that you need to know...

I've started my business from nothing and made thousands using AdWords... I've also been a Qualified AdWords Professional since 2006, so I do know what I'm talking about!

On the right is the logo I'm allowed to use!

If you use Google at all, you will have seen their AdWords (or sponsored) ads before, but you may not have realised that they

are actually paid for by companies or internet entrepreneurs with products and services to sell.

The ads appear along the right hand side of the search engine results, and occasionally above, as shown in the following screenshot:

Unlike conventional advertising, companies don't pay a fixed amount to have their advertisements listed on here. Instead, Google AdWords works on a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) basis.

This means that every time their ad is clicked on and somebody visits their site, they pay Google a small amount of money.

This small amount varies and is set by the advertiser themselves (you), because they actually bid on how much they want to pay - per click - for each keyword.

The more you're willing to pay per click, the higher up your ad will appear in the sponsored searches.

So by choosing the "keywords" that you want to advertise under, you're telling Google EXACTLY how you want your website to be found!

Let me show you a quick example of how it works...

Let's say you are promoting an e-book on how to speak a foreign language - an interesting niche market. You might want to set up a related website and then advertise on search terms such as "learn a foreign language", "speak a foreign language", and so on.

This way, when a user searches for one of those terms on Google, your ad will appear in the search results...

If we have a look at the results for the search term "learn a foreign language" you can see the ads listed at the top of the screen and on the right hand side:

These people will be paying money to Google for this particular search term (as well as many more besides), and the ads listed highest will generally be paying the most.

As well as having complete control over how your website is found, another great advantage of AdWords is that you ONLY pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and goes through to your website, so you're only paying for people that are interested in your product.

There is NO wasted advertising expenditure at all.

In short, it's the ultimate form of highly targeted, results-based, risk-free marketing, and as a result it's arguably the fastest way for an affiliate or vendor to send visitors to a site and get sales. And that's exactly why you need to know how to use it!

Right then, that's enough of an introduction to Google AdWords...

Let's Get Started!

Signing Up

I'm now going to take you through the sign up process for Google AdWords, so if you already have an account with them you can skip this section...

If not, you can start by signing up for your own AdWords account which you can find here:

When you get to the screen below, click "Start Now", or "Try AdWords Now", depending on which prompt Google are using at the time you visit...

You obviously



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