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Atherton State High School

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Senior Physics

Year 12 - 2011

End Semester 3

Wave Motion & the Physics of Music

Extended Experimental Investigation

Teacher: Mrs Millerd

Student Name: __________________________

Due Date: Friday 17th June, 2011

Conditions: extended experimental investigation,

Open book, internet/library resources used,

Teacher monitored, weekly checks,

Group experimental work,

Individual write up.

EEI Selection Sheet due: Friday 13th May, 2011

Investigation Analysis Report due: Friday 20th May, 2011

Note: Your Investigation Analysis Report must include:

* An objective (a couple of sentences explaining what the objective is behind your investigation - i.e. what do you plan to accomplish).

* A written detail of how you plan to carry out your investigation and how you are going to record your data.

* An equipment list stating the dates you will require this equipment and how long you will require it for.

* A risk analysis sheet detailing any potential hazards that might arise while performing the investigation and how these will be managed.

Last day for draft checks: Friday 10th June, 2011

Progress and log book checks each Friday until due date

Atherton State High School

Senior Physics

Year 12 - 2011

End Semester 3

Wave Motion & the Physics of Music

Extended Experimental Investigation

Selection Sheet

EEI Selection sheet due: Friday 13th May, 2011

Name: ___________________________

Progress and logbook checks each Friday until due date

I have chosen to investigate (description): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


I understand the marking criteria sheet that will be attached to my final report. I am aware that an Investigation Analysis Report and risk assessment sheet need to be completed before I commence any investigative work. I am also aware that a draft of my investigation report may be submitted to the teacher for feedback up to a week before the final report is due to be handed in. I acknowledge that all investigation procedures must be entered into my logbook as they occur and that the teacher will monitor the logbook and my progress weekly. I am also aware that the logbook is to be submitted with the final report and acknowledge that the logbook entries and final report are to be my own individual work.


Signature of student

Teacher: Mrs Millerd

Extended Experimental Investigation (EEI)

You are required to undertake a significant amount of experimental research and investigation on physics concepts relating to general wave theory, water waves or sound waves. You may work in a group of two or three whilst collecting data, but your logbook entries and written report need to be individual work.

Things to keep in mind

* Your logbooks will be checked weekly by the teacher, and all entries are to be clearly dated and legible. The logbook is used to record any information you think may be integral to your investigation (including your thoughts, rough diagrams etc).

* Plan your research and experimental procedures carefully before submitting your Investigation Analysis Report. It is up to each student to plan their own unique approach to the investigation they have chosen. The Investigation Analysis Report is to be submitted to the teacher by the date specified. Remember to include a list of any equipment you will need to carry out your investigation and remind your teacher at least a day before you need to use it.

* Quantitative evidence is essential in your investigation. Research and list any formulae you will need to support any calculations of data that cannot be directly measured.

* Start work straight away - this is a major piece of assessment for your work in physics this year. You will need all of the time available to carry out your experiments, collect data and complete your report. A combination of independent study, research, experimentation and collaboration is essential for success.

Your Written Report

Your written report should follow the normal format for a physics experimental report. The final report should be generated on a word-processor using A4 paper.

Report Format:

* Title page

* Contents Page

* Aim/Abstract

* Introduction/Theory

* apparatus

* Procedure

* Data

* Analysis

* Discussion

* Conclusion

* References and Appendices (if necessary)




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