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Historical Corp. Culture and Behavior It Creates

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Essay Preview: Historical Corp. Culture and Behavior It Creates

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Historical corp. culture and behavior it creates

Before I participate in this class, I really did not know what the corporation culture is and how it affects company's operation and development. The corporation culture is still a new term for me. In my past opinion, this term means the corporation values and operating practices and experiences of only the senior corporation manager. And this is the reason that I thought the corporation culture is not care my business. But, to my surprise, after learn the corporation culture from our textbook, I find that the corporation culture is always around me.

The definition of corporation culture, also known as organization culture, is "the set of shared, taken-for-granted implicit assumptions that a group holds and that determines how it perceives, thinks about, and reacts to its various environments." I seriously consider from my memories in the company. The behavior of establishment to build the corporation can be found behind so many company events. For example, the factory tour for employee's families, some celebrations and festivals, free ticket for Beijing International Auto Show, company's magazine allows every employee's contribution, the online forum and discussion board, and culture wall. In my mind, this is how the corporation affects company, from some trivia to make employee feel the company's difference.

The factory tour for employee's families happened in the third month since I became an employee. The factory tour was familiar for me. Because, everyday, the marketing department staff and the 4s store salesmen would like to organize the customers who want to buy a vehicle had a factory tour and to promote our vehicle. But, this time was different. The tour was established for employee's family. The family member would have the opportunity to visit the plant which their husband or their son really worked into. They ate the same lunch as the employee which was really delicious and rich. They felt the same working environments as the employee, except some dangerous place. In my mind, this event made the employee felt the factory like a company and enhance the employee's corporate pride.

In the 2010, there was a famous Auto show held in Beijing. Everyone who interested in auto field wanted to visit. A ticket was hard to buy. And during the exhibition, there was a sea of faces. My company was also invented in this Auto show. We had our own exhibition stand and so many working staff. But, other employees who did not work for the exhibition cannot enter the show for free. They had to buy a ticket



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