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History Case

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Question 2

Describe the long-term consequences of the bubonic plague for the Afro-Eurasian world. What were the plague's social political and ecomic ramifaction in the various parts of Afro-Eurasia?

The long-term consequences of the bubonic plague was that Afro- Eurasia did not regain the population densites of the thirteenth Century for over two hundred years due to the invasion of the Mongol which had davasted society, crowded lost up to two-thirds of their poplation taxes increased due to food scarsity, actual hubs for trade became refugee camps for survivors. Afro- Eurasia also suffered a political crisises for two centuries within major cities. The ramification of the plague on Afro- Eurasia caused Afro- Eurasia to create new political order creating Centralized structures and that shaped the encounters with people and politics in Africa, the Americas and Oceania, as well as Asia, Afro-Eurasia also created new commercial networks, and new Dynasties which became forever important at this time.

List the Islamic dynasties that emerged in Afro- Eurasia After the bubonic plague How were they similar, and how were they different.

The three powerful dynasties of the fourteenth century was the Ottoman, the Safavid, and the Mughal, what they have in simulaiarty that they used and developed the rich agrairain resources of the region of the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean. They also benefited from the seaborn and overland trade, they also shared an interest in Islamic belifes. Although they shared core Islamic beliefs each empire had unigue political features, The Ottomans embraced a sunni view of islam, the Safavid were of shiism and they were devoted to the per- Islamic tradition of Persi, the mughal embraced pre - Islamic Indian ways. As of location the Mughal dominated the northern Indus river valley, The Safavid Persia and the Ottmans Anatolia, the Arab world and larg parts, of Southern and Eastern Europe.



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