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History Case - When I Was Going to School

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Essay Preview: History Case - When I Was Going to School

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When I was going to school, I would consider myself a good student. I would participate in class and ask questions. After school would get out, that is when I noticed that I was not like the other students. As soon as I got home, I would have to sit down and complete my homework assignments. If I thought I was done, I would show the end result to my parents. They would look over it to check if I was correct and ask how I was able to come up with the solution. If I was wrong or had misspelled words, I would have to go back and correct them until it was correct. This would sometimes take several hours to finish. But when I was done, I felt confident and a sense of accomplishment. I strongly think that the three important factors the help the learning process are parenting, health environment and a good work ethic. Without these the learning process would be very challenging.

While teachers are responsible for teaching the required material, parents have to continue teaching and make sure that the children absorb and learn the material. Parents have to make sure that they are involved. Children need to have parents that set the tone for learning. Positive reinforcement will help the learning process, but children also need to have some tough love if they aren't staying on track or focused. Parents are able to instill discipline by supporting the learning process. They need to make sure that the priority of learning is most important over playing and studying. A helpful way that parents can continue to show support would be the consistent encouragement of education and being able to add the values of always wanting to learn more. Another way that I personal thought was helpful was when my parents went over my homework. If I had a wrong answer, my parents would push me to continue to problem solve. They would never just give me the answer and walk away, they would walk with me step by step until I was able to learn the process and explain how I came up with the answer.

While most of the learning process is enforced by the parents it cannot solely rely on them It is also important to have a strong work ethic. While some topics or assignments might be challenging, it is crucial to have the determination to follow the task to its completion. There have been several times that I have wanted to give up and have someone else just tell me the answer, but that wouldn't teach me anything. I wouldn't have learned the concepts. It is important to remember that when you have the determination to problem solve, you can know that when you are faced with a complex task, you will be able to overcome the adversity.

The final factor is one of the most valuable and critical. A healthy and sound environment can drastically change the outcome of the learning process. Making sure that it is structured with routine is important. Creating good habits is important for example, I always knew that after school, I would go straight home



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