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History of Mass Media

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The history of Mass Media is a long one. Most Americans got their news from magazines or newspaper in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the last 50 years electronic journalism and TV journalism has become the norm. The earliest newspaper in the states was tied to political group or parties. From the 1920s to the end of the World War II to the radio was a popular item in the source of news and political analysis. The first Democratic and Republican countries were televised for the first time in 1952. President Roosevelt used the radio to speak to the people of America about issues in the country. Television has allowed people in America insight and has actually let them become a part of different process.

In the second- half of the last century cinema started and blew up as a large scale media industry. Shows called motion pictures were made from a festival novelty to one of the most major technique for entertainment and mass media in that period and also into the 21st century. As the last century reached an end a new media called the Internet emerged. The Internet connects the people with the help of their computers through wireless modems and cables. The Internet is the most popular mass media.

Mass media has made entertainment more available to people in the 19th and 20th century. It also brings out different styles and point of views among the different groups in the states. People criticize the growing unity among mass culture. Mass media pleases a large number of people by simply appealing to their taste. Culture can become more democratic as modem technology and media is allowed to seek and reach more people. Media is considered to be a window for learning and a window to the world. People in today's society live in a media rich environment. Media is a large part of people's lives in America. The media has had and influence in shaping the attitudes of children and adults. Exposure to media can promote an antisocial behavior, sedentary lifestyles, materialistic values, and short attention spans (Githins 1). Before there was an advance in technology kids would read books, play with toys and play outside with their friends in the neighbor. Since there are television, radio and video games this generation have forgot about the good old days of fun in the sun.

Media Convergence is a term that critics use when describing the changes that happening in the media world today. Convergence is the process were media channels come together to operate in harmony. There are a number of effects of convergence on culture and society. Media convergence impacts our everyday lives and has become the way of life the society adapts and changes to. For example we started with a written letter and the typewriter was invented. We are using fax and email but have gotten to the point that we are using Skype and video chat. Media Convergence is a process that affects our jobs and careers too. Papers are disappearing from offices too. An



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