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History of Psychological Assessment Paper

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History of Psychological Assessment Paper

In psychology today there are many Assessments that have been used and known to have a good history in the mental health and also the discipline field. The many methods that have been used for mental illnesses. In the field of psychology today it is looked at as a single spectrum that has different treatments and also lots of information- gathering models (McIntire & Miller, 2007). Getting as much information as you can to help determine one, a better diagnosis and also facilitation which are very important here. You have a standard testing described in this model in which it provides individuals comparison of traits that have been known to help predict the many behaviors that are outside the testing environment. Another thing that gives information that helps to classify the many disorders and illnesses and have a treatment program in place. In the psychological world today the assessments have many models that assist with fabricating interventions as well as reinforcements also (McIntire & Miller, 2007).

With the many assessments most psychologists see that there is some truth with the differences with people as a factor due to the genetics and the employment but also there are other groups that can be raised systematically as well. In the World War it was known that Robert Yerkes was in charge of conducting the Alpha and Beta assessments. These tests were given to help with the education that was not affecting the many opportunities cultural being one (McIntire & Miller, 2007). We will discuss some of the roots of the Alpha and Beta tests that took place at that time of the World War I, it was known that its advances applied to the psychology of the 21st century. These were also methods that were used during the war also. For recruits in the military there was a form of preparation for them. There were other psychologists along with Mr. Robert Yerkes that were on board with these assessments. They were actually called the Military Alpha and Beta (McIntire & Miller, 2007). The way the tests were broken up and used were that the Beta tests helped with measuring soldiers that were not at all fluent in English and then you have the Alpha test that was used to see what the individual had learned, also IQ's were looked at too. Looking more at the aptitude and cognition the tests were looked at as models to ensure management. To see who could possibly serve and fit perfectly into a position and be qualified for a leader position, millions were assessed to see if they qualify. Right after the war being psychologically tested has very important to education, and the business industry. They were forced in 1974, to close the alpha and beta assessments which affected two million people both military and also students which made it the largest group of tests in the States (McIntire & Miller, 2007).

These individuals that were testing for special training, branches had their own tests for the many recruits. In the military it was a known fact that personality and interest



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