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History the Korean War

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Communism in China

Took root in Asia long before Cold War

Mao Zedong formed the Chinese Communist Party in 1920’s

After WWII, party won control over China

In 1949, Mao declared the formation of the People’s Republic of China

The Spread of Communism

Communist governments spread across Africa and Asia

Often, people who supported communist governments:

Had lived under colonial rule and saw communism as more egalitarian

Hoped that communism would solve economic problems

The Korean Peninsula

Start of WII - Under Japanese control

During WWII - Under Allies control

End of WWII - Divided into two zones under US and USSR control

1948 - Both zones schedules to hold free elections

South Korea vs. North Korea

Each zone formed a different government, and ultimately the zones became different nations

North Korea became communist

South Korea became democratic

Final Steps toward War

1948 - Syngman Rhee, president of South Korea, imprisoned communists

1949 - Kim II-Sung, leader of North Korea, planned for an invasion of South Korea

1950 - North Korea invaded South Korea

Start of the Korean War

June-July 1950

North Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel, captured Seoul, and continued to move south

The United Nations approved a US-led mission to help South Korea

North Korean forces overran US and South Korean troops, then moved farther south

The Inchon Invasion

September 1950

US Gen. Douglas MacArthur led an amphibious invasion of Inchon

The invasion let UN troops attack North Korean forces from two sides

UN troops recaptured Seoul and broke out of Pusan

Considered a turning point in the war

UN Troops’ Northern Movement

October 1950

UN troops forced North Korea to retreat

UN troops pushed north toward the Yalu River and China

China made plans to push back




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