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Hitting the Gym

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Hitting the Gym

Moving into a new town and not knowing anyone is probably one of the most difficult things a young kid can go through. If I was to give anyone advice on a specific place to meet people I would tell them to go to the Frank G. Pogue Student Union Center gym. I was feeling pretty lonely the first few days until I met a new friend and took me to the gym. I found that if you like to lift, or if you like to play basketball this is the perfect place to go.

First of all the Frank G. Pogue Student Union Center is very convenient for anyone who lives on campus. It is right across the street from Highlands five. It is located on the bottom level of the Student Center right before you get to the Bookstore. As soon as you walk into the gym there is a great weight training facility, but if you walk a little bit farther down you will find two doors that lead you right into the gym where everyone is playing basketball.

Second of all the Student Center always has tons of people there it doesn't even matter what time you go, you will always be able to meet people. However if you are looking to hit up the gym like I have said then I suggest you go around five o'clock to about eight thirty in the evening. One time I was doing a workout this kid named Dan could tell I was struggling so he came over to me and spotted me and helped me get it up. After that we has been lifting together ever since. It always has a mass amount of people playing basketball. Sometimes there are so many people playing that you have to wait to get on the court. That shouldn't bother you though, because the whole time your waiting your standing around with the other people and you cannot help but talk to everyone surrounding you.

Third of all not only does the Student Center have the gym, but there are so many other small facilities in the complex. After you are done working out you can go up stairs and there is a small smoothie store that is always crowded with a bunch of beautiful women. And if you are anything like me that will be the best asset of the whole place. If you don't like smoothies it doesn't matter because there is a mini restaurant that has great food, and an area set aside to play pool. All of the employees that work there are amazing. Ranging from the ladies at the front desk who call you sweet heart or the people down in the gym who will tell you what you are doing wrong and correct you without being mean at all.

If you are anything like me you love to get relaxed after playing a hard game of basketball or a hard days work out. Well you are in luck. There is a sauna that is incredibly relaxing. I didn't even know it was there until Dan, my workout buddy, showed me it. If you are not uncomfortable with your sexuality it is great because you can just sit in there and chat with a bunch of people and chill. Dan is an upperclassman and he knew people in it



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