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Hitting the Mountain

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"Hitting the Mountain"

The mountain is a place where I like to be its peaceful and gives me a chance to relax. Snowboarding is my newest hobby that I just picked up last winter. This winter was my first full season to ride and I took total advantage of that. The mountain is more than just a snowy hill side it's a beautiful atmosphere with many distinct features and traits. All five of your senses can be stimulated one by one if not all at once. Sometimes riding wasn't so easily achieved because the prices of the passes are very expensive. Mountain Creek in Vernon New Jersey was the main mountain I would go to almost every day this past winter.

Pulling up to the mountain the bright shining lights glare off the bright white snow as it reflects down the hill side and instantly catch your eyes. Once you get to the bottom and start to suit up the crisp smell of winter in the air steals your attention off the blistering lights. After getting all your clothes on walking to the lift you get excited to just get on your board and start riding. On the way up the sound of the snow blowing machine mimics that of a high powered fan at full speed. Blowing snow at a good rate you can taste the snow as it hits you're tongue on the way up to the top of the slope. Once you finally reach the top the beautiful view of the towns below glare off into the distance almost makes you stop to just enjoy to sight. After you soak in all the surroundings it's time to strap in and head down the mountain. Heading down the feel of the soft snow underneath your feet comforts you and puts you in the zone to just ride and have a good time. Picking up speed the cool air rushes across your face and hits you like an oncoming cold front and wakes you up instantly. The obstacles then begin dodging and weaving between skiers going side to side. Using the whole trail just to go down this can get to be very annoying but also fun at the same time. Sometimes getting on the mountain is not so easily achieved because of the prices of the passes. They cost fifty dollars for a single day pass and during winter the season pass costs five hundred. I could not afford the passes most days so my friends and I improvise.

Getting to the mountain is the easy part acquiring a pass to go riding is where it sometimes gets tricky. Usually I would borrow a friend's season pass but when all my friends are riding and I want to join this becomes a problem. A day pass is not worth the money plus I don't have fifty dollars to waist on a couple hours of riding. Then I try to walk around the parking lot asking people that are leaving if they have a day pass I could use. Sometimes this works very good and fast but also other times I'd have to work for someone's pass. One night I walked around for about twenty minutes before I found a couple who was stuck in the mud in there van. I decided to go over



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