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Homerun Short Movie Review

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Essay Preview: Homerun Short Movie Review

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Jezim L. De Asis


The region of Southeast Asia can be recognize not only geographically, but also by its shared culture. The identity of the region does not only rely on its political nature but more importantly on its view on social reality. This social reality is consisted by different aspects of culture and one of which are the values of people. Watching the film “Homerun” last Friday was a bit of a reflection towards the question, “what makes a Southeast Asian, Southeast Asian?” Moreover, if we view the idea of social reality in terms of the essence of values, the aforementioned film may find itself symbolically relative towards the character of Southeast Asians. Homerun (film) is a Singaporean drama about the adventures of two siblings over a lost pair of shoes. It is a film that is situated within the realm of poverty and it shows how the characters stood against the odds of destitution. The resiliency of the protagonists likely symbolizes the resiliency of Southeast Asians towards poverty, which is a big problem in the region. This shared struggle reflects upon the character of Southeast Asians throughout time. On the other hand, the movie also depicted the essence of family, which is an important aspect to Southeast Asian culture. From the smallest up to the largest unit of society, the region of Southeast Asia is known for its family oriented values. Countries in Southeast Asia seek upon this value and is reflected in the goals and policies of its political association, the ASEAN.

Overall, the film Homerun was a good point of reflection. The film is related to the separation of Singapore from Malaysia that might be affiliated within the grounds of foreign politics, but the film can also be viewed in a different perspective. The values of Southeast Asia can be trace upon the minutia of the film. The details produced the representation of what makes a Southeast Asian, and it collectively embodied the values of the region. It is a movie not directed to this kind of view, nonetheless it was a great movie that related the aspects of love, family and poverty.



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