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Hotel and Security Management

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As you requested, I have asked each department to complete a plan for how their areas will respond to the service, occupancy, and security issues during the World Trade Organization (WTO) meetings that will be held from November 29th through December 4th, 2011. We expect to be at 100% occupancy during this time. I have expressed to the managers these delegates come from all over the world and will have high expectations for high service and amenities. The following is the plan for each department.

Front Office Department

Will deploy extra staff during peak check in and check out times. The FOM will have a list of available hotels in the area in case we are overbooked; will have all available managers available to assist with check in and check outs if needed. Bilingual staff will be available, for any communication barriers. The Bell stand will be staffed at full capacity to assist with greetings and luggage. The concierge desk will be fully staffed and up-to-date on current events happening in the area and recommendations. They will provide shuttle service to the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. They will have several rental car companies to recommend. They will have sufficient printed pamphlets, maps of the Seattle area and bus

Routes available at the counter for the guest. All available staff will assist in the lobby to greet and answer questions about the area to avoid long lines at the concierge desk. Have the planed extra staff assist with the in house phone calls.

Housekeeping Department

Housekeeping department will be fully staffed during the WTO meeting dates. Inventory and order all supplies needed to ensure excellent service to the guest. Floor supervisors are to inspect the rooms prior to arrival of the delegates. Increase floor supervisors during time frame to assist where needed, Also increase housekeeping aides to provide daytime service to the room attendants and also assist with common areas, entrances, hallways, elevators, restrooms, hotel lobby, and arcade and staff areas. Will have staff available, to run in house request to guest rooms. The housekeeping staff will supply the pool area with enough towels for the WTO meetings.

Laundry Room Department

Will inspect all bedding, towels and linen and replace any damaged items. Will have on hand extra items ready for guest request.

Engineering Department

Conduct maintence on all non-completed repair tickets, check all heating and cooling systems, service all elevators, and inspect grounds and landscaping. Conduct operations checks of the kitchen appliances, Also laundry services washers and dryers. Assign staff for emergency repairs during the WTO.

Security Department

Security Directors plan is to inspect



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