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How Are Od Values Different or Similar to Human Values You Are Aware Of?

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Essay Preview: How Are Od Values Different or Similar to Human Values You Are Aware Of?

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How are OD values different or similar to human values you are aware of?

Values are set of manners that individuals learn while growing up. Why is it important for OD practitioners to have his/her own values? It is important and necessary because mostly, his/her judgment will depend on his/her values. The practice of OD is grounded in a distinctive set of core values and principles that guide practitioner behavior and actions (called interventions). OD is value-based process with a bias toward humanistic values creating an open system designed to meet the needs of its stakeholders. An OD engagement has many stages. Since ethical dilemmas can surface at any point, it is critical to keep our fundamental values at the center of our work.

Some of the core values of OD are similar to human values are:

Authenticity, Openness & Trust : -Being authentic means being straightforward, genuine, honest and truthful about one’s plans, opinions, and motivations. In order to create trusting relationship with clients, OD practitioners must consistently demonstrate honesty and transparency in their words and actions. The OD practitioner should assert authenticity by being open, honest and participate in the here-and-now. When people express themselves honestly in the here-and-now, they are much more likely to report issues as soon as they notice them. Unless you are authentic in a supportive manner, clients might feel like you are being aggressive. Aggressive behavior can cause discomfort, alienation, confusion and distrust between consultant and clients. Experienced consultants have learned to employ authentic communication in a manner that is completely honest, yet remains supportive and respectful.

Valuing the whole person and empathy- In order to help individuals maximize their potential in an organization, we respect that people are complex. Therefore, we need to hard to understand that individuals have diverse needs, skills, and feelings and respect those differences in our work with them. Instead of utilizing a person with reference to his or her job description, we should be able to view him/her as a whole person. Show sensitivity and understand other’s perspectives and taking an active interest in

Truth Telling: Telling the truth in one’s business and personal life, regardless of consequences, is better than being caught in a lie. The chances of being caught in the lie are high, the results are a loss of personal and corporate credibility and integrity. Telling the truth demonstrates a commitment to integrity that is valued by clients, customers. Though people may not always react well to individual expressions of honesty, they do respect honesty and remember it in the future. Telling the truth is an important part of a trusting relationship, in or out of the workplace. Once you have established a foundation of honesty between you and your clients, an office begins to operate as a unified team rather than a collection of individual entities who will keep information to themselves. If you want others to tell you the truth, it's important to lead by example by telling the truth yourself. Many people fail to tell the truth and prefer to keep their mouths shut only because they fear standing out. However, telling the truth can be a liberating experience. Setting an example yourself is often all these people need to begin doing the same.

Collaboration- Our greatest acts of creation occur through collaboration. Creativity, growth, development happen only in collaboration. A key value in organization development is creation of healthy environments



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