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How Is This Student's Behavior Academically Dishonest?

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Essay Preview: How Is This Student's Behavior Academically Dishonest?

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Academic Dishonesty

How is this student's behavior academically dishonest?

Maria's behavior is academically dishonest because she used academic integrity by getting someone else to do her work. She listened to her friend and went online and bought her assignment because she waited to the last minute to want to start her work. Yes she chose to make a bad decision, but at that point she had nothing else to do but the wrong thing because she thought that she probably wouldn't get caught. Not know if the teacher would check to see if her work was plagiarized or not. Being dishonest at a university is not tolerant what so ever.

Is it ever acceptable to use someone else's work as your own?

It's never acceptable to use someone else's work as your own, that is what you call being dishonest. It is always best to turn in your own work even if you think it may be work because it will show you, and teach you about your mistakes that you have made when doing your paper.

What should this student have done in this situation?

In order for Maria to get her work done on time she should have made her a schedule so that she could work, attend to her children, and do her schools work. By making a schedule she is basically learning how to use time management. When using time management it will allow her to get everything she need done at the appropriate time.

What consequences could she face if it was found that she did this?

Maria could be kicked out of school for being dishonest or if the university just have zero tolerance she could just receive no credit for someone else's work that she tried to turn in to receive a grade for, but which every way she still has to deal with bad consequences.

In what ways might others be negatively impacted by this student's dishonest behavior (e.g., other students, the instructor, the university, or her children)?

If people at the school found out they probably would call her a cheater or tell her that she is dumb because she couldn't do her work herself. Or if she gets away with it the other students at the school may feel like Marie can do so why don't I try it. But what if Marie don't get caught and another student try it and they get caught, then the student will be like Marie did it so why can't I. Marie's dishonest behavior can send out negative statements to the students at the university.



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