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How to Be a Good Public Speaker

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Essay Preview: How to Be a Good Public Speaker

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The art of public speaking or speaking in front of many people is one of very popular form of mass communication, where a speaker convey and package a message or an idea in such a way so that the listener or audience can understand. Public speaker is someone who speaks in front of people like teachers, lecturers, comedians, presenters, president and many others.

Many people are good at speaking in front of some people, but not many of them are good in speaking in front of the public, and even there is many people who have experience the failure in public speaking. Why does it happen?, There are many reasons that can make a person afraid to speak in public. for example, in one survey conducted in English residents about 'what the most frightening things'. From the survey, it turns out that the first rank of 'what the most frightening things' is public speaking, and the second is death, so strange, indeed, but that's the reality.

Being a public speaker is need a lot of courage and it is not easy, but there are some particular tips that we can do to face the public speaking, here are the tips that I got from various sources to avoid the nervous feeling while speaking in public:

1. if we feel very nervous before appearing in public, take a deep breath or sit in silence for about 15 minutes, it can help us to reduce the stress feeling.

2. speak with considerable speed, do not too rush, because it can increase the risk of slip tongue. Then, do not forget to set the distance of the microphone

3. Look at the eye of audience, do not turn the view up or down because it can increase the unappreciated feeling for the audience, if we are not dare enough to look at the eyes of the audience, we can solve it with stare on nose, mouth, or the collar of the audience, so, they feel appreciated without having to turn away the view. The eye contact is very important. according to some research, when we stare directly into the eyes of the audience, the gaze can turn on the ventral striatum, a name of the brain reward center. So, with the eye contact we will look more attractive and the message can be more understood by the audience.

4. prepare the material well. The more we understand about the material, then the more great our confidence. and finally, the message will sounds steady and more easily to influence the audience.

5. positive thinking. Believe that everything that we want to convey will giving the benefit to the audience. I personally have always thought that if there's someone speaking in public and he or she looks nervous, I think it is very reasonable. Realize that they will surely feel the same way too when they are in our position. look the things from different sides, so we can always take the wisdom from every moments.



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