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How to Deal with Employees?

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Essay Preview: How to Deal with Employees?

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supervisor might seek some tips or advice from the HR department of the company about how to deal with employees effectively who display unruly behavior at work place or undesirable behavior. We also have heard that nowadays many companies provide solution for their personal problem which are kept completely secrets as privacy is main concerned. That is one of the innovative way to keep employee avoid from conflicts as well as boost their productivity level.Those kind of program called Employee helping or assistant Program. Employees who receive disciplinary actions they deem unfair, may contact the Human Resources Department for appropriate review and intervention. Performance-based workplace problems may be exhibited by substandard job performance, relating specifically to deficiencies in job duties and objectives. Supervisors should provide employees with adequate notice and the opportunity to improve prior to dismissal and prior to the annual performance appraisal. During the warning period, the supervisor should meet with the employee periodically to monitor, review and discuss progress. Documentation of these sessions for the personnel file is required to remind the employee of performance expectations.Work conflicts is universal and it is one of the main challenge for HR today .But there are some tips which can reduce conflicts at work like when conflicts arise,

* Still stay calm and remain professional.

* Always learn to work as a team.

* Go through proper chain of command.

* Always pay attention and watch tone wjile writing email or during face to face communication.

* Dont let bad work relationships impact on career.

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In Moral Leadership, Paul J. Olscamp shows how college presidents and trustees can use basic ethical principles to help make moral decisions. Olscamp describes the nature of the college presidency and provides a summary view of western ethical theory, outlining a series of principles relating to morality and obligation.

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Olscamp, president emeritus of Bowling Green State University and of Western Washington University, shows how basic ethical principles can be used to help make moral decisions in the context of the college presidency and trusteeship. He examines issues of contemporary importance, including the way that higher education sells itself to the public and the way internal funding is allocated at public universities. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (



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