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How to Learn Guitar in 3 Days

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        Our forecast is based on market research and the estimation of how many clients we are going to get within a certain period of time. We are also assuming that the first year of operation will be more likely to result in a loss than profit because we are creating the brand image and investments on equipment and rents. Only when we have reached second or third year of operation, we will be able to reach breakeven points or generate profits.

Use of Funds

        Our funds will be utilized to investments such as scanning machine,computer and also to pay all expenses that are related to the business.

Source of funds

        We invested a small amount from our money to the business for funding. We also get the funding from the bank loan, as well as from the investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors.  

Projected Profit or loss / year

        We are expecting our revenue from 10% of total public accounting firm, tax advisors, and also chanceries with yearly subscription. The total of those bodies is around 150 from Jakarta and Surabaya. Our yearly subscription approximately will be $150 because our competitor is at $199/year therefore we as a start up company has to place an affordable price for the customers. We have 3-4 employees.

        If we can increase our revenue by 50% per year, we can earn positive firgure of the net profit at the third year (31/12/2020), however we projected significant loss in the first year and it will directly go up at the second year because we believe that the market response toward our product  will be good  because we sell cheaper product and provide the service (pick up, sacnning, and deliver documents ) for our customer



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