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How to Positioning Strategy Hungry Jacks in Australia

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Essay Preview: How to Positioning Strategy Hungry Jacks in Australia

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History of "Burger King" in Australia

The hungry jack of Australia is Burger King and is developing about 12,000 store at U.S. inside 50 state and 73 nations in the world.

Many chain stores are developed centering on the West not by the franchise system of head office direct management but by the system which ties up with local businesses for each country. 500 stores are located in Germany and new opening a shop is carried out every year as 50 stores.

When Burger King would extend the operation to Australia and it begins to have moved, it got to know that the trade name was already registered as a trademark by the grocery store takeout [ Adelaide ]. As a result, Burger King, In order to specify the restaurant in Australia as the company (jack Cowin) which had the franchise of Australia approved. The list of possible substitution names originating in existing ahead of the trademark already registered into Burger King and the next which were able to be used by the parent company Philosophy was offered.

Cowin "hungry a jack" a trademark (1 of Pillsbury's U.S. pancake mixture products) choosing it is new a thing hungry a jack that naming an apostrophe 's' fabrication processing adding things the possessive case small a name having changed .The franchise of Australia of the beginning of Burger King, Inc. is Pty (Limited) of a hungry jack established by Naka of Innaloo (Perth) by support of the new company of Cowin on April 18, 1971. The "jack" itself has been adopted as the main franchises of a company as a name of Burger King since then.


The Burger King menu is increased, it corresponds to a broad customer segment, a market expansion is planned, and the president and Donald N. Smith are.

It is McDonald's and a high growth market then. Wendy's of a newcomer with a share is defeated. The sales of a company increase by 15%.

The main customer target was updated in the expansion-of-circulation plan in 2004.

A more nearly quality ingredient and other menu charges were made into the special new plan, for adults, demographics, etc. were conducted, and the new product of was added.

Some products it was contrary to company sales anticipation, and became a sales stop. Nutritionally, with the relation of stocking of material, etc., again, the company adjusted other factory lines and began another plan. A new product is introduced and the most important some products were changed into others including whopper .sandwiches.

A new unit will be tested in 1999 and it is a modeling exhibition about a company to two directions. Then The monitoring system of the computer base new equipment and for the products accompanying a new broiler chicken will be developed in 2008 and 2009.

By carrying out exact sales performance from a customer, and product development by, cost is reduced and a new system takes the briefer tracking of product quality into consideration. Product development is planned.

The cheese hamburger was introduced in 2009 in order to compete with another company. A cheese hamburger is popular among a budget-prices-oriented customer.

The hungry jack as well as McDonald's is putting power into the menu for a child for competition of the other company. A toy is prepared for a kid's meal and the newest popular character etc, utilized for it.

The roasted hen products were developed in the adult market. This is with the menu developed for adult markets. Moreover, the person under commuting and those who care about busy health enjoy a salad, the product of the burned hen, and Crisp popularity. The meal of big size like XXL is popular among a young adult boy and a teenager. Moreover, the 18 to 49-year-old man who eats a fast food 16 times or more per month also enjoys popularity, and it is.The dessert and drink of an additional order which are prepared for all the customer segments by the addition are popular like all the main meals. Moreover, there are menus, such as a dessert of a small additional order, a drink, for all the customers.


A super fun strategy is performed for the further acquisition of the customer segment of super fun, and the family of super fun at a target. It analyzed what kind of customer used Burger King in the past, and carried out the gains-of-sales plan to the super fan paying attention to the super fan performing a large amount of product purchase.

As a result, sales succeed in the increase in the sales in the entire world.

Having formed less than 20% of the customer bases of Burger King increased the super fan to 50%. By observing this sales strategy, sale may continue to be increased by easily by the company.

Furthermore, should perform new product development to the vegetarianism people and the female customers. The customer segment-oriented goods perform the above product develop to the two points, and already perform a positioning strategy.


Positioning is about how the business is positioned in relation to there competitors. So how popular if Hungry jacks compared to mc donalds etc.

A company uses target marketing. There are three components which participate in the target marketing which can be divided into six individual stages.

1. It is development of a discernment 2.mrket 3. Target market and segment



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