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How to Sell Massage Machine

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Essay Preview: How to Sell Massage Machine

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How to sell the UM-1/Ultimate Masseuse

To start with: Pulse massagers operate on the same principles as the TENS units that Chiropractors use in their office and charge $70-100 per hour to use it on their patients. Our unit is as powerful and effective as their expensive units! Ours also, does not jolt and shock people!

1-Simply ask a potential customer passing you to:" Enjoy a free massage! Feel the difference! You do this with a big smile and while holding one of your demo units in your hands and showing it to the customer!

2-Once the customer is seated and is comfortable in her/his seat, ask them:" Do you mind if I touch your skin?" They normally do not mind. Start connecting the pads to their shoulders just below the neck (this area is usually where people feel the stress and tension of their daily life!).Make sure that the pads are firmly attached to their skin.

3-Hold the controller right in front of the customer so that they clearly can see the whole unit! As you turn the unit on, tell them that:" It is an electronic pulse massager similar to the ones used by chiropractors." Point to the LCD and tell them:" It does six different types of massages and by hitting the "M"/mode it will scroll clock wise from one type to the other. DO NOT HIT THE MODE!! The unit is preset on "Tapping". This mode is the most universally enjoyed mode of the machine!

4-Tell the customer that:" You control the intensity of the massage by hitting the "+" twice to go up one level". Start increasing the intensity gradually. Ask the customer:" Do you feel it?" Once they respond by saying yes, continue increasing the intensity one level at a time and keep asking the customer :" Is that strong enough?//Do you want it stronger?" Make sure that you do this very slowly and pay close attention to the customers response! Keep in mind that this might be the very first time that the customer has experienced any massage and especially any electronic pulse massage. Also, remember that different people experience the massage at different levels. Not all humans experience sensations such as touch and massage at equal levels .Each one of us has a different reaction and levels of enjoyment to stimulation of our senses!

Leave the unit working at the level most comfortable to the particular customer. At this point you will tell the customer that : " "tapping" is the most popular mode of our massager"! and with your hand show them what kind of hand action the unit is replicating!( I will show you the motion and you copy what I do!!). While the customer is experiencing their massage ask them:" How does it feel?" Try to interact with the customer and react to their reactions to the machine.

As the customer is experiencing the effect of the tapping massage, tell them: " the unit is working



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