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How to Travel with a Newborn Baby

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Essay Preview: How to Travel with a Newborn Baby

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When new parents travel with their newborn baby, all of the baby's things, such as the diaper bag, need to be prepared prior to departing the home. Babies have many necessities, and a pre-packed diaper bag is essential to the reduction of stress for new parents while traveling. When the diaper bag is not readily accessible, new parents could spend hours gathering items needed prior to departure in an attempt to retrieve baby bottles and formula, diapers, and baby clothing required for the long awaited trip.

Several key baby items must be kept in the diaper bag at all times. The first and most important items to pack for the newborn baby are the baby bottles and formula. Infants eat about every two hours, so forgetting the bottles or the formula will cause the baby to become hungry and fussy from lack of food. When newborn babies are hungry, they tend to cry nonstop, which could lead to a miserable trip. It is crucial to check and recheck the diaper bag for bottles and formula prior to leaving the house and traveling. Once the bottles are empty, it is equally important to restock the diaper bag with both bottles and formula for the baby's much needed feeding times.

Secondly, the diaper bag must be pre-stocked with diapers and wipes prior to traveling. Babies eat often, so soiled diapers will have to be changed regularly to prevent the baby's bottom from becoming irritated from his or her wet diaper. Keeping a newborn baby dry will eliminate future diaper rashes and a fussy baby. However, leaving home without diapers could cause for a delayed trip due to stopping at a local store to buy diapers for the baby. Keeping the diaper bag stocked with diapers prior to planning a trip, will eliminate a fussy baby and time spent looking for a place to buy diapers.

Lastly, every newborn baby needs a change of clothes in the diaper bag. During times of travel, newborn babies may spit up milk or formula on his or her clothes or the clothing may become soiled from wet diapers. If parents have baby clothes readily available in the diaper bag it could prevent the baby from being soaking wet with milk or urine. When an accident occurs In the midst of traveling, because the baby's clothing was pre-packed, the newborn's parents will be able to change the baby into clean clothes easily.

Prior to making travel arrangements, parents could become overwhelmed when packing a newborn baby's diaper bag at the last minute. Once the diaper bag is packed, it should be ready at a moment's notice and placed next to the front door for easy accessibility before traveling. Having the diaper bag available with baby formula, diapers, and clothing is essential when caring for or traveling with a newborn baby. Keeping the diaper bag packed and ready should be the first step when making travel plans, because it is necessary to have all of the items needed to care for the newborn during the extent of travel.



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