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Hr Issues in Different Industries

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Nowadays, various HR issues occur in many different industries. There is no single workplace that is free from problems. The problems themselves come from different sources. Some occur because of technology, safety in the company, production issues, etc. However, one of the most common problems that are often faced by the company would be the ones that come from the employees or the ones related to human resource management. Thus, it is important to understand the main causes of the problems and come up with a solution in creating better workforce.

There are many articles that cover the variety of HR issues but the case that caught my eyes is the one that surrounded Mitsubishi Company several years ago. Mitsubishi Group is one of the giant companies in Japan that specializes in mainly automobiles and electronics. This company has been expanding overseas, so they have numerous branches in certain countries. However, in the past, there were some problems within the company that were related to their employees and made a big loss to Mitsubishi Group at that time.

The first case of Mitsubishi happened in 1989 when there was an issue of racial discrimination towards its employee. In one of the articles written by Robert Guest, it was stated that an Indian employee sued his Japanese employer of Mitsubishi Electric and the case was brought into the Tokyo District Court. Mitsubishi group hired the Indian employee in Japan and they made a 'life' contract. They said that the skill of the employee in handling database system was really needed. However, when he already worked for them, the company refused to offer him Japanese language training or the fee to take a course. They even demanded him to submit all the works in Japanese and some of his colleagues bullied him because he lacked capability in understanding Japanese. The unfairness appeared when he found out that the company gave all the Caucasian employees free training of Japanese language. Because of the life contract, he couldn't leave the company and decided to sue the employer.

From the mentioned problem, it is clear that Mitsubishi Group in Japan was very discriminative to some of their employees. The company has been expanded their business overseas and thus, they have maintained a diversified workforce where they hired employees from different races and nationalities. But in Japan, the company really discriminated the employees who were not in the same race as them. Personally I oppose this kind of discrimination because all employees do not deserve to receive such treatment. In my opinion, the Indian employee should've asked for a clear Job Description and Specification sheet before accepting the job offer. The employer then should've provided the job specification sheet and it must clearly outline the education level as well as the level of Japanese language ability required for the job. In the job description, they should've stated whether



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