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Hrm Incident - Break Down the Barrier

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Essay Preview: Hrm Incident - Break Down the Barrier

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Chapter 12


Break Down the Barrier

1. Why does Angelica have the option of joining or not joining the union?

Since the GEM Hotel Corporation that she works for has a union that is an open shop union no one is required to join the union or contribute to the union financially. There are different types or classifications of unions and the open shop type describes the absence of union security, rather than its presence (Mondy, 333). This simply means that Angelica should do her research regarding the potential benefits as well as the any potential negative aspects to joining the union. For example, is there a history of her new employer mistreating employees, or is there a history of management abusing their power to coerce employees into performing certain job tasks that might violate safety standards, or require extended work hours without appropriate compensation, etcetera.

2. How are the other workers likely to react to Angelica if she chooses not to join?

In Angelica's particular situation it is likely that she will be harassed by union members due to the persistence of several of her peers asking her if she had "given any thought to joining the union?" (Mondy, 348). Also, in the HRM Incident is stated that Angelica was approached by a union steward at the end of her shift, and I think that the approach taken by the steward was a pressure tactic to try to force union membership onto Angelica. When the union steward stated "I hear that you're not sure about joining our union", and then, continued to make statements of how it is not fair for her to reap the benefit from the work the union had done in the past

HRM Incidents 3

reinforces my belief that the union employs pressure to new employees to make them feel an obligation to join the union (Mondy, 349). I also believe that the invitation by the steward for Angelica to go to the union hall that night to further discuss her joining the union was likely an opportunity for the union members to show a "strength in numbers" type of setting that would serve to apply more peer pressure to Angelica in hopes that she would join the union. I also think that the union would use this setting to focus only on the benefit of union membership and highlight any issues past or present that they have had or have with the management. I believe if Angelica chooses not to join the union that she will most likely be alienated or threatened by her peers who are union members. Ultimately, in this situation, if she does choose not to join the union she will probably end up quitting her job, or at least she will be looking for another job to get out of this environment.



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