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Impact of Alcohol on Different Types of Violent Incidents

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Essay Preview: Impact of Alcohol on Different Types of Violent Incidents

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Impact of Alcohol on Different Types of Violent Incidents

Alcohol consumption has become an integral part of today's lifestyle and society. It is emerging and being promoted as a trend and fashion among people of age 20 and above. Despite the fact that alcohol is a drug and it is highly addictive, it continues to be promoted and marketed openly. The use of alcohol in daily life leads to numerous incidents that are violent in nature. Alcohol abuse is becoming and increasing issue and its effects on the social and personal infrastructure are drastic and lasting. Every year thousands of cases related to physical assault, sexual assault and aggressive driving are registered, where in a majority of the cases; the individual responsible is under the influence of alcohol. Individuals suffering from chronic alcoholism have varied and diverse effects on the people and family around them. Domestic violence--the most prominent of all incidents is generally associated with alcoholism along with various other forms of physical assaults. Physical assaults made by individuals range from pub fights, attacks on strangers, attacks on acquaintances, partners, casual dates etc; it also includes incidents of domestic violence. In cases of physical assault, studies indicate that the offenders were both male and female, but the percentage or ratio was greater in male as compared to female; since men are more likely alcoholics as compared to women. It is also noted that offenders are more likely to assault strangers as compared to acquaintances and friends. Hypothetically, assaults on strangers should be less likely given that the person is least likely to enrage or entice a reaction from the offender whereas when among familiar people the offender is more likely to become enticed based on past occurrences and incidents that might enrage the said individual; but studies indicate otherwise. Domestic violence has showed relatively different results as well. Individuals committing acts of aggression and violence at home are less likely to be under the influence of alcohol and more likely to be sober whereas hypothetically the scenario should be reversed. Domestic violence is observed in both the genders but with the male percentage more likely to attack women and children both whereas the female percentage is more likely to attack children. In cases of sexual assault, the offender is usually under the influence of alcohol. Studies show that men are more likely to be the offenders in such cases and sexual assaults are more likely to be carried out on strangers than on acquaintances and partners. Females are more likely to perform physical assaults in this case rather than sexual assaults.

Studies indicate that alcohol has varied effects on each individual uniquely. It has shown to relax and comfort individuals mentally. It stimulates the part of the brain responsible for making the individual, feel rewarded and improve self-confidence and self-respect. By activating the self-sympathetic parts of the brain, alcohol makes people feel better about them selves and helps deal with grievances. Alcohol is known to lighten the mood and make the individual more receptive to their surrounding thus amplifying emotions, making it source of receptive booster in gatherings and parties. On the contrary, studies show that individuals under the influence of alcohol become numb, slow to respond and suffer from diminished analytical and logical decision-making. Individuals tend to lose their better sense of judgment and reasoning, thus leading to increased



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