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Hum 130 Islamic Five Pillars

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Islam is a when the person has total faith in God. Islamic people make it a point to honor their prophets including all other religion in the world. Islamic people believe that God wants the best for all mankind to have happiness and peace. They believe in Angels, Saints, and demons in the Islamic religion. The Islamic people base their whole belief system on the Five Pillars. The Five Pillars are basically about morality and honoring the faith. The first pillar is to acknowledge the faith of only one god and to the prophet which is Muhammad. The second pillar is daily continual prayer. The third pillar is purification. This means if you are given wealth you give to the poor to purify. The fourth pillar is fasting. Fasting is to clear the mind to achieve purity to teach oneself of how God made his way. The fifth and final pillar is pilgrimage to Mecca. This is done at least once in a lifetime and this is the final step to being pure in the Islamic religion. Pilgrimage helps oneself bond directly to God, relate, and respect God for his sacrifice. The easiest pillar I could follow is praying continuously. I find praying as a way to talk to someone. I like when I talk and vent to someone and praying seems to be a way I can talk to God and still speak my mind. The hardest of the pillars to do is the fifth which is pilgrimage. I might not have the time to give myself to God. I am a busy lady with a child and it seems like to do pilgrimage it might take a lot out of me.



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