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The Nation of Islam

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Essay Preview: The Nation of Islam

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The Nation of Islam seems to be a offspring of the native american nations . Although He used another theology I can't help but here the millions of murdered so called Indians cry out ! When I look at his face I see all pain and blood of the indigenous people of this land. He spoke with the Chiefs voice the cadence was on unfamiliar to the whites and some blacks alike they said that he was not a strong speaker with a lisp and a third grade educations but never the less with his so called folk style was effective in inspiring thousands of men and women of a simple truth that the white man was the devil and that he could not be civilized . Most so called civilized tribes my not agree with Elijah Muhammad assessment of the white man but don't take his word for it just look around what do you see white rulers and there subjects which happen to be every kind of people but the original men and women of this land. A closer look at the messenger will revel his connection to the native messengers of the past ! The simple truth that the white man is the devil is born out with ever thing he does rape murder war lies pollution then theres the great spirit the white man says hes dead or never was or he was a white man born in Israel and died on the cross but he love us all but he love him more . Yet he needs bombs because this loving god is also the god of war. the first bipolar god.



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