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Hum 130 - World Religions Report

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World Religions Report

Michael Emmen



Nicole Reale

World Religions Report

When people sit and talk about religions it is one of the most touchy subjects that one can honestly think to ask about. The reason for this is because everyone wants to believe that no matter what their beliefs are going to be the one way ticket to heaven and that is what they try and live their life by. I can honestly say that by learning more about different religions that on a basic level each religion is in essence the same. But on the same token each religion is different in the way that they are interpreted the words of the Lord. With this in mind it allowed me to have a very interesting conversation with a Father of a different believe of my own. Not only this but it also allows us to understand that though we all are different in how we believe things to be done. In the end we all believe the same thing and it is just different paths that we follow to get to where we want to be spiritually.

When I sat down to have my interview with Father Madison I know I was nervous because I was going to be asking him some semi personal questions about his religion. The reason I chose this religion is because it is the faith of my girlfriend who I want to spend the rest of my life with and she feels the same way. When we got started we introduced each other and I explained the purpose of this was for two reasons one because it was a school project and the other was for a personal life changing choice. It seemed to break the ice of the tension for me when he said that it was good that I was seeking information on the faith before making the life commitment.

To start things off first I gave him a formal greeting and thanked him for a moment of his time for the interview. It was after that I had asked, "What might one have to do if they were to convert to Christianity?" Father Madison responded with, "Converting from one faith to another is a personal spiritual decision. It is good that you are asking questions about the religion before you decide to convert. The reason I suggest this is because you should dedicate yourself to the beliefs and how the approach life with their relationship of God." Not only this but he also suggested a couple of websites that I might find of interest which would help better explain those as well.

Next I asked, "Have you followed this particular religion the whole time?" Father Madison replied, "Yes I have, when I was growing up though I was not one really to follow as my mother and father had hoped I would. I was one that would fallow the crowds and hung out with the wrong people as my parents would call them. But to me they were friends that I knew and hung out with. Needless to say the group of us were trouble makers, didn't follow school rules per say and my grades were not that good in school. It wasn't till one day that my parents brought me one day to talk to someone who ended up changing my life. My parents wanted to help out in the community and we went to a homeless shelter and cooked dinner for them. Once all the cooking was done they wanted me to go out and mingle with the people. I was against it cause I didn't care at the time why they were homeless nor did I want to be there to feed them. I ended up sitting down with this one fellow I forget his name now but what he said changed my outlook on a lot of things. He said that he watched me from the corner and saw how I was acting and it reminded him of how he was when he was younger. No one could tell him anything and he knew was what best. Well he ended up getting into the wrong places and with the wrong people and didn't make anything of himself. The real eye opener for me was when he told me how old he was. This was a few years ago now but when we spoke he was only 22 and homeless, no friends, no place to go, living off the streets because he rejected the world around him and got into a lot of bad trouble." As he was telling me this story I could almost see the pain he felt in his eyes though he didn't show it much but there was a glint of it. Almost as if speaking about it and how he use to be hurt him now.

As I tried to write all of what he said down and now show that I saw some hidden emotion from him I continued the interview. I asked him next "What kind of roadblocks have you had to face with the religion?" This time Father Madison took a moment to gather himself a little before speaking, "Well, some of the hardships that came from my experiences is that as I said once I met that fellow I tried to change everything and put a little faith in the good Lord and everything that he has done. I honestly think that he it was his work that I met that gentleman that day and to hear his story. Back to the roadblocks well trying to convince people that who you use to hang out with and some of the things that you use to do got kicks no longer appeals to you is not easy. They tend to go ugly as thankfully this didn't happen to me but happened to others that they would become the target of punishment for betraying their friends. Also lets not forget you spend all your life one way with no care in the world for anyone other then yourself and now your trying to turn over a new leaf. People get to know that your a trouble maker and such they tend to shun



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