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World Religion

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Essay Preview: World Religion

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World Religions

Homework 1.

You asked what does Natalie say about her spirit world. From what I read in The Spiritual Life of Children, Natalie gave an explanation of how she communicates with her ancestors who go to and from the mesa. The wind helps them come back and forth from the mesa, where the spirits seem to reside at least for a time, then they go somewhere else, "who knows where" she says. She says all of her people go to the mesa, but they come back in a different form. Different people, animals even. She thinks that the birds are carrying news back and forth from the mesa because they are expecting her grandmother who is ill to go to the mesa soon. She believes the birds are spirits and all of her people will one day visit the mesa. Then, one day the wind will bring them back to this world. These are the words that should be spoken to all of man kind. The most you can do as far as offering to the Gods is give up your freedoms of the physical world and live outside of yourself. Don't forget that that types of freedoms keep ones mind clear of thoughts of the physical world. The physical world is where all of life exists but souls do not. Souls only exist in the spirit world.



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