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Human Growth Pain

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Human growth pain is a part of growing up and can help you be better prepared for life. All people at some point in their lives go through some kind of pain. If pain is not a part of a person's life, then they will not be prepared for the rest of life. Even though it's a terrible thing at the time it's all part of learning and growing up. All people have to learn from their own pain and their own mistakes. Growth pain includes mental and physical pain, but I think that mental pain is the biggest part of an average middle school student's life. Mental pain in middle school comes from things like bullies, drama, and betrayal.

All people are going to have at least one person who bullies them in some way. Sometimes the person who is bullying someone else does not even realize it. A few weeks ago a couple of girls in my grade decided that it would be funny to text me and not tell me who they were. They were saying tons of rude things to me like calling me a loser and other things of that nature. It made me really upset and they may or may not have realized it, but they were bullying me. This is cyber bullying and it happens a lot. One of my friends on my soccer team got cyber bullied through Facebook.

Human growth will always involve some type of pain. If it is mental or physical it will still happen and we cannot avoid it. The pain in life will help us mature, learn, and be better people. Going through pain in life is alright, it only means you are human.



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