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Human Growth and Developement

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Essay Preview: Human Growth and Developement

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I think that because Annie is so aware of her irrational fears that it would make it harder to treat her, because she is so consumed by these thought and feelings, and I'm sure that it does not help her having that voice in the back of her head telling her how irrational her fears are. I think in Annie's case, something like hypnosis would benefit her the most. Since drugs and typical treatments have not helped her yet, I think she would really benefit from hypnosis. It would relax her and get her to "re-teach" her brain not to be afraid of things that haven't even happened. Among hypnosis, other treatments are medications, intense therapy, relaxation-training, and Panic control therapy.

Laura discusses the urges to check paperwork constantly. She checks the tags and zippers on her clothes, she picks her scabs, and will spends numerous hours trying to figure out what to wear.

Marna will also spend numerous hours trying to figure out what clothes to wear, she will pick and choose things frequently; Marna will also get the sudden urge to step on her gas pedal in her car and run people over and push friends into traffic if she is walking down the street with them.

The types of therapeutic approaches that there are to treat patients with OCD are behavioral therapy, medications, and in some extreme cases psychosurgery. Psychology psychology psychology psychology psychology psychology psychology sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks thank you for the paper how many words do i really have to put in this thing. just give me the free paper please... thanks a lot. its much appreciated.



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