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Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (hiv)

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Essay Preview: Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (hiv)

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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes Aids. This virus can be passes from one person to another; have unprotected sexual intercourse with someone who has the virus, sharing needles or syringes with someone who has the virus, receiving transfusions of blood product. It in contact with a person with a broken skin or mucous membranes, in addition, infected pregnant women can as well pass HIV to their baby during pregnancy or delivery, as well as through breast-feeding. HIV can also be pass through these various ways: Having unprotected sexual intercourse with someone who has the virus, sharing needles or syringes with someone who has the virus and receiving transfusions of blood products donated by someone who has the virus. However, HIV can not be transmitted through unbroken skin, insect bites, human bites, dry kissing, saliva, tears, urine, sweat, contact with public toilets or drinking fountains, shaking hands, giving hugs, sharing a cup and so on.

When one is infected by HIV the disease progresses in stages depending on the symptoms and amount of virus in ones body. However, most people who have been infected by HIV go through the following stages: stage one know as the initial (acute retroviral syndrome). The acute retroviral syndrome is an illness with syndrome that is similar to that of flue. It most time s develops several weeks after one has been infected by the illness. These may include: vomiting, diarrhea, enlarge lymph nodes in the neck armpits fever, headache, muscle aches, joint paint, skin rash, sore throat, weight loss, and much other more. After one has experienced some of these sign listed above or many more these effects disappear on their own within two to three weeks. Stage two, the chronic stage, may take several years for HIV symptoms to develop. When the symptoms are not present, the virus makes copies of itself in the body at the time. As a matter of fact, HIV multiplies very rapidly that nothing can destroy the virus not even "immune system" In fact, when the immune system starts to wakens after many years of fighting the virus.

The doctors can identify HIV, if the cause of the symptoms such as flu cannot be identified, or when the symptom is confusing. The late stage whish is the last and the third stage. Aids begin to show up. In most people Aids develops within 12 to 13 years, if their HIV was untreated. However, if their HIV get treated the AIDS may be prevented or be delayed.

In order to treat HIV more effectively one has to use what is known as HAART which stance for Highly Active Antiretroviral medicines that are made to control the amount virus in ones body. The HAART medicines mostly used for HIV treatment are as following: Nucleosides / Nucleotide , Nonnucleoside Reverse Transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIS) , Protease Inhibitors (PLS) and Fusion Inhibitors . These are not the only medicines developed to cure HIV, but they are the basic ones and most used.



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