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Human Psychology

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Every day, people make assumptions about things just because of their appearance. Some people are based solely upon their looks, without knowing the person that lies behind the looks, whether it is in a good or bad way. David Sedaris younger brother Paul aka Rooster is a perfect example of this. Rooster tends to be disrespectful and usually uses a few swear words to express himself. When asked about how he got his nickname, Rooster said "Certain motherfuckers think they can fuck with my shit, but you can't kill the rooster. You might can fuck him up sometimes, but bitch, nobody kills the motherfucking Rooster. You know what I'm saying?"(pg.62).This shows that Rooster thinks he is unstoppable and never can be beaten. Just like Rooster, my brother believes he is the boss at home and school. He swears at my mom but they don't think anything of it, it's just how they communicate. He gets in fights about twice a week, three if it's a good week. Although they both are pains, they both have a sense of care to someone they love.

My brother Amar loves my mom more than anything in the world. He treats her like a queen. My mother loves him without a doubt but he can be a little bastard sometimes. He always gets in trouble at school, but I'm pretty sure he tried to get suspended just to stay home with my mom. He thinks his is powerful just like Rooster and loves to swear at my parents, but they do nothing about it. My brother was annoying most of the time but if we sat down and talked about whom was the most caring; my brother would take that crown. Five years ago, my mother had to get cardiac surgery, my brother stayed with her every day of the two weeks she was there. My brother missed two weeks because of school, which wasn't too smart because he was doing fairly poor in school. A lot of people judge my brother because of his behavior, because of it no one wants to take the time to get to know him and really see who he is as a person. If I would describe my brother I would have to say; he is rude at times and can be a pain, but he is outgoing, careful and very polite when he needs to be. The one thing that made my mother smile because of my brother was staying home with her once my father and I left. They got divorced and I felt more comfortable and had a better bond with my father so I left with him. My mom and I still talk ever once in a while but i think she uses me leaving as a grudge. My brother keeps her protected and has been doing better with just them too together. So that's what's really important. . A lot of people judge my brother because of his behavior, because of it no one wants to take the time to get to know him and really see who he is as a person. I feel the same way for Rooster, they are just alike.



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