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Human Resource Management Practices in Bangladesh

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Essay Preview: Human Resource Management Practices in Bangladesh

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Course Title: Human Resource Management

Course Code: EMI-514

Submitted To:

Prof. Ali Akkas


Department of Management

University of Dhaka

Date of Submission: July 29, 2019


Human resource management is a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued asset – the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of its goals. HRM also can be regarded as a set of interrelated policies with an ideological and philosophical understanding. It is concerned with the employment, development and reward of people in organization and the conduct of the relationship between management and the workforce. HRM maximizes output and efficiencies of employees. It ensures conductive human relations for uninterrupted production. Therefore, it deserves implementing in all organizations of all the countries in the world including Bangladesh.

HRM in civil services of Bangladesh

The Civil Service in any country is responsible for implementation of core national policies and action plans, and is thus the backbone of its government. It is the executive arm of the government. To build an efficient civil service system, government must ensure that talented, competent and committed persons are recruited in the civil service. So the recruitment and selection process should be objective, uniform and of high quality. But it is very unfortunate that sound recruitment system for civil service does not exist in Bangladesh. Ensuring merit in public appointment is an important element of quality civil service. But merit has not given due importance in our recruitment policy. Reservation of posts, politicization of bureaucracy and faulty examination system are destroying the reputation of recruitment and selection process to be a fair and sound system. If these procedures are transparent and not biased then there is possibility to get high quality personnel.

Recruitment and Selection

 Ministry of Public Administration (MOPA) AND Public Service Commission (PSC) are main regulatory bodies conducting recruitment and selection function. PSC follows three types of procedures to recruit the different cadres of the BSC, namely, direct recruitment through open competitive examination, promotion and transfer or deputation.

Different ministries, divisions, departments and subordinate offices identifies requirement of stuffs and budget allocation. After that MOPA asks PSC to circulate through the newspaper. Preliminary test is the first step to the open competition. Those who qualifies the preliminary test are eligible to written test. Successful candidates are called for Viva Voce and finally for medical test.

Career Planning

Most of the organization in Bangladesh seriously lack in a scientific career development scheme for employees working at various levels. Career plans had been determined by their ministries/organizations and training institution. Career plans exist for only a minority of staff and frequently drawn up without consulting them. Though career planning is considered to be an important aspect of civil service management, it has not received the attention it deserves either within the personnel management process of the government.


Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) is the agency that is responsible for the placement of BCS cadres. In placement lobbing plays a big role. Many people are to go dumped in a training institute when there is no place to fit in. de-motivated trainer cannot train employee properly. This is a indication of improper human resource planning.

There should be some system of transferring the government officials to any particular position. But most of the transfer of the BCS officials took part on an ad hoc basis.

Promotion Criteria

Merit, seniority and compliance are three criteria used for promotion. Merit is determined on the basis of ACR. It provides an assessment with regard to a civil servant moral and intellectual integrity. Possibilities of promotions are highly affected if assessment is adverse.  

Training and Development

BPATC has been training the officers of government, autonomous and non-government organizations.  Objective of these courses, among others are to make officers aware of policies of the government, familiarize them with the government rules and regulations and apprise them of the recent changes in the field of public administration.

Wages and Incentives

The government follows a wages and salary structure recommended by wages and salary constituted after an irregular interval. Employees of government organizations get several incentives and benefits such as with and without pay leave, festival bonus, medical allowance and support etc.

Problems of HRM in civil services of Bangladesh

Politicization of Bureaucracy

In Bangladesh, politicization in the government institution including police not only increase inefficiency and corruption but also increase human rights violation. The politicization of civil services is largely responsible for the lack of good enough governance.

Reservation of Post /Quota System

It is another curse of politics of administration. The rulers give privilege and unfair advantage to their family members, kieths and kens on public resources. That is why mass people are deprived from opportunities.

Mismatch between Job Description and Job Specification

Any person can be candidate-having graduation in any discipline; it is another major problem of the BCS examination. This result in a mismatch between the skills needed foe a job and candidate selected. This mismatch may lead to inefficiency and frustration in employees.

Faulty and Lengthy Exam System

The existing procedure of BCS examination is considered outdated, questionable and time consuming. In case of direct recruitment, the literature suggest that the examination system is not sufficient to bring meritorious personnel into the public service.

Unequal Opportunity

Although all BCS cadres deserve same quality but only a few members of officers get chance to sit at the top.

Deprivation of Merit and Talent

Training policy both external & internal needs to be substantially reformulated and recast putting emphasis on talent and merit rather than seniority but reality is different.



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