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Human Services Research Article

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The article of choice for discussion is titled: "Does ethics education influence the moral action of practicing nurses and social workers?" This study investigated the "relationship between ethics education and training, and the use and usefulness of ethics resources, confidence in moral decisions, and moral action/activism through a survey of practicing nurses and social workers from four United States (US) census regions."(Grady, Danis, Soeken, O'Donnell, Taylor, Farrar, &Ulrich, 2008) This article discusses how nurses, social workers and other health professionals respond to ethical challenges in their practice. The article also discusses how the "professionals feel in their responses and the role of education to help them prepare for their work."(Grady, Danis, Soeken, O'Donnell, Taylor, Farrar, &Ulrich, 2008) the information stated in the article is not biased and reflects good ethics in research.

The article incorporates graphs and charts to visualize the findings of the study. This article also used the qualitative studies and mixed methods research to supplement and further explain the results of the study. The sample participants included" (US) census regions. FINDINGS: The sample (n = 1215) was primarily Caucasian (83%), female (85%), well educated (57% with a master's degree). (Grady, Danis, Soeken, O'Donnell, Taylor, Farrar, &Ulrich, 2008) The findings are statistically sound and in accordance with the data that was used. The findings revealed that 14% of all participants had no ethics training. 23% of nurses had no ethical training, versus 8% of social workers, and only 57% of participants had ethics education in their professional educational program. According to the graphs and tables with the input of data, the study was conducted soundly. The evidence shows that "those with both professional ethics education and in-service or continuing education were more confident in their moral judgments and more likely to use ethics resources and to take moral action." (Grady, Danis, Soeken, O'Donnell, Taylor, Farrar, &Ulrich, 2008) Ethics education has a significant impact on the positive actions on the moral judgments of health care professionals and social workers.


Grady, C., Danis, M., Soeken, K.,O'Donnell, P., Taylor, C., Farrar, A., & Ulrich, C. (2008). Does ethics education influence the moral action of practicing nurses and social workers? American Journal of Bioethics. 8(4), 4-11



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