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Within the Human Service Field They Are There to Develop and Help People Find the Means of Life

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Essay Preview: Within the Human Service Field They Are There to Develop and Help People Find the Means of Life

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Within the human service field they are there to develop and help people find the means of life.

The human service people are there to advocate for their clients whenever needed. In this process mediation can also take place to help them meet their goals and objectives. Within the field of specialists, they are more dedicated on making sure what they have to offer their clients is everything their client is going to need and be able to carry out and expand the systems that the human service professionals, and as well as their agency can support for the client. These are the two agencies that I found. One web site if for Arizona and one the other web site is for Northern New England, where I am originally from. They both offer mediation and advocacy for the clients.

The first web site is called Community Mediation Services. When you click on the web site you will see they have many things to offer. Their mission and vision statements are as follows, "Mission Helping people, groups and communities effectively resolve conflicts. Their vision statement is to promote stronger and more peaceful relationships and communities" (Voanne, 2011).

The second web site I found is called The US Department of Health and Human Services. Here the page offers many ways for mediation with their clients. As you will be able to see when you look at the web pages. Here are the ways that they need to find out if a mediator needs to be called in. The steps are as follows from their web site. "Mediation Process Conceptually, mediation includes three general phases: Introductory - During this part of the process, the mediator helps the parties create a safe environment in which to discuss difficult topics. Problem Solving Stage - During this stage, parties principally focus on issues, interests, options for resolute. Closure - During this phase, parties decide whether and on what terms to resolve the dispute" (, 2011).

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