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What Is Human Services

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When we think of human services what really comes to our minds? Many people in life miss out on opportunities because they are not aware of the services that are available to them. Human services can be defined in many ways. It has several different purposes; one is to improve the present and also to change the future. Human services try to help people become self-sufficient by providing social care, social control and rehabilitation. It can be rewarding as well as heart breaking. The field of human services helps people of all ages with a wide range of life problems.

The goals in human services are changing and being met every day. Some of the most important goals are improving abuse intervention in family care, and to promote the social well- being of communities, people and their families. When we talk about interventions in family care it can cover many things. One of the interventions that I feel like is important is with depressed mothers in child and family care. There is growing evidence that families who need child and family intervention, many of these families contain depressed mothers. Depression in mothers has also been associated with child-care problems in a wide range of studies (e.g. Cox et al., 1987; Caplan et al., 1989; Whipple and Webster-Stratton, 1991; Sheppard, 1994).

Maternal depression and child care issues is everywhere and is not surprising. The many things that can cause this depression are the feeling of being hopeless, low self-esteem, outburst and aggression. All of these factors of maternal depression can affect healthy childhood development. Past abuse in mothers can affect intervention strategies. Social workers have to be aware of the patterns of abuse to find the correct interventions that need to be used.

Human services have many ways to promote the social well-being of people and their families. They offer a wide variety of programs to help families with a wide range of problems. They provide family services, mental health services and child protective services. All of these services are very important and can help people of all ages. Family services offers help to low income families with things such as food, clothes and shelter. They can also provide counseling to those in need who have family issues that cannot be resolved at home. Mental health services can range from substance abuse programs to counseling for depressed and suicidal individuals. Families can possibly get medications at discounted rates or for free if their income does not allow them to afford them. One of the most important services available is to our children. It is child protective services. These services are in place to protect our children from abusive individuals who neglect and abuse children who cannot help themselves. Child protective services also have programs to help parents become better caregivers.

There are many ethical guidelines that the human service worker has to follow. They must uphold the integrity and ethics of the profession. Human service workers have responsibilities to clients, the community, colleagues, and the profession and to its employers. They must respect the welfare and integrity of clients at all times, by protecting their right to privacy and confidentiality unless doing so places the client or another in immediate danger. A service must be provided without discrimination based on age, gender, religion, culture or disability. The responsibility to the profession can range



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