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Hurricanes Case

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The purpose of this research study is to examine whether global warming is related to strong hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. For the purpose of this study, severe hurricanes will be measured at category two strength or higher. Warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico cause severe hurricanes. This cause is linked directly to Global Warming.


These severe hurricanes affect many people on the Gulf Coast. They can cause physical harm, major monetary damage, lost of business revenue, and impact individual lives for years. Over the past thirty years, an increase in strength of these storms took place. There are several questions that must be addressed and they include:

1.) Are warmer waters linked to Global Warming, which cause strong hurricanes?

2.) What happens when hurricanes are severe during cold months?

3.) Can we rule out Global Warming when storms are not above category strength.

4.) What does past research suggest about severe hurricanes as linked to global warming?


Global Warming increases the strength of hurricanes in the Gulf Of Mexico.


After Hurricane Katrina, many believe that people on the Gulf Coast are unprepared for severe hurricanes. The people of the Gulf Coast have seen their share of storms but not of this magnitude. Hopefully, this study will show a direct correlation between global warming and severe hurricanes. This information found my offer a solution on what is needed to combat these hurricanes. There are still many burning questions from meteorologist about why severe hurricanes form during cool months. This research may answer that very question. As a result of this study, policies may be put in place to curve damage and help a region that suffers from these catastrophic events each year. Policies such as what type of levies that need to be built, what type of homes can withstand wind force, and when evacuations are needed are all helpful when dealing with severe hurricanes in this Region.


The months of June through October, which define hurricane season, are good months to measure. These months are typically the months when hurricanes are very active. Typically storms that measure category two or above do great damage. This is not meant to suggest storms category two strength or below leave no damage. Wind strength determines the category of hurricanes and can give great detail on how bad the storm may be. Data from the American Meteorological Society, National Weather Service, and information from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) will be used. These three organizations offer great experience with the research of strong storms. Several interviews and questionnaires will be used as a methodology to gather the information. There are several articles published from these groups, which are valuable sources. The best approach to a study liked this is mixed-methodology. Combining both quantitative and qualitative methods will help to examine the problems from both sides.


Research will only occur on hurricanes that occur only during hurricane season. Storms of category two strength or above will be included with a thirty-year window. Several variables such as wind strength, month of the year, and water temperature are included.


Here you will find data on what other scholarly



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