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Hyundai Training Plan - Managing People

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Essay Preview: Hyundai Training Plan - Managing People

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this is for business improvement of hyundai


In this training plan, it consists of what the employee need to learn? And also in order to perform their jobs, career improvement and organizations goals. So our plan should be useful to the employees and the organization. Once the training is identified, there is a number of training plans they considered and choose one which is suitable for our needs. The training plan consists of

 Training needs analysis

 Training design

 Implementing the plan

 Evaluating the plan

By using this step our plan will going to achieve our goals


In this training needs analysis, there are many kinds in this analysis they are

 Context analysis

 User analysis

 Work analysis

 Content analysis

 Training suitability analysis

 Cost-benefit analysis

In the above steps, The Hyundai would take the work analysis to solve our problems in the organization because it is suitable to our analysis and it also it contains, the analysis of the tasks being performed. This is an analysis of the job and the requirements for performing the work. Also known as a task analysis or job analysis, this analysis seeks to specify the main duties and skill level required. This helps ensure that the training which is developed will include relevant links to the content of the job. So the organization must took this analysis and do it. It develops our organizations and also the employee's skills to perform the jobs. In this work analysis there is a systematic process which will help to our plan that is

 Performer - context analysis;

 development task analysis;

 In order to interactions assessment and classification; and

 Explanation of the work-role-specific information background.

In the four steps of the work analysis it allows the deep analysis in the work and it ranges the area level analysis to the specific activities and motivations. This analysis is possible to the performers, the qualities and the motivations of the work. The performer task analysis and development task analysis identify the organizations and structures that dwell in the work. The other two steps explain about the ways in which the organization develops and how the organization works in order of interactions and the performer's behavior.


The training program will be designed when the clear training objective is produced. Then only our Hyundai organization will reach the goal at the end of the training, so our organization will need to make the objective then only our employees get the training to achieve our goals. Here Hyundai should take the objectives for training. in the training objectives the employee must able to do their work at the end of the training and also our organization will assist the trainers to design the training programs. In the design of training our Hyundai organization will consider the steps to design the training. In the design of training our organization must take these three categories they are

 Training atmosphere,

 Trainees learning style, and

 Training strategies.

In the training atmosphere the organization will do some facilities to the employees to get their training and improve the knowledge, skills and abilities. A good training atmosphere will give a positive result while on training and there is no chance to get the wrong results. So the organization must make the facilities to the people of our organization family.

In the trainees learning style will help the employees to learn about the new trends and technology in the working place. The library and internet will help the employee to learn about the new inventions so our organization will make these facilities to the employees. In this trainee learning style organization should know about their age, experience and their educational qualifications due to this category they need some changes in training. Here the trainee`s are treat like a student then only our organization must gain many things from the employee.

In the training strategies our organization will tell about our goals and make them



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