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Systems of People Management Practice

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Systems of people management practice can drive sustainable performance. By doing so, there are three dimensions of people management practice:

* Practice that improve KSA (Knowledge* Skills* Amprove) of employees . for example, training and development .

* Practice that motivate employees behavior. Apply competency modeling strategy or intrinsic rewards system.

* Practice that provide opportunities. Apply transformational leadership strategy.

Three way of considering motivation:

* Goals looking at what people want.

* Decision looking at cognitive decision making process.

* Influence looking at social influence on motivation.

Motivation can be applied by two things intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

Intrinsic reward:

Extrinsic reward:

Adams equity theory:

What I put into my job. Time, efforts , loyalty, personal sacrifice, integrity and commitment , I will gain from my job high pay, bonus. Perks , benefits, development, reputation and enjoyment.


Psychological contract:

Employee's Beliefs or perceptions toward the company in terms of sense of fairness& trusts and belief is being honored. Traditional expectations were that job security, development and career opportunities would be provided of employees remained with org and performed well.

Beliefs about what employees is entitled to and what is expected of them in return.

Organization should keep this thing in mind to influence the way of employees behaving which is in turn increase engagement of those employees.

It not a psychical contracts or exact contract it just mutual beliefs among employers and their subordinates.

Third lecture:

Systematic thinking:

System view of thinking:

* Financial ( cash, investment, monetary instruments).

* Manufactured ( infrastructure, machines, tools and factory).

* Human (labour, intelligence, culture and organization).

* Natural ( resources, living system, ecosystem services).

Tangible and intangible resources:

 Physical

 Financial



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