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North Country Driving

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People in the North Country for the most part truly do not know how to drive, especially in winter. I realize that in the winter things get to be a little tricky but people go in the ditch with a half an inch of snow? Come one now like seriously it's called snow tires and an understanding for your surroundings. This winter alone Alan, Taylor, and myself have went in the ditch or wrecked our cars because of the weather or because we were messing around. If you pay attention to the road and how your car handles you shouldn't have any problem at all in the winter months when driving. But even I myself don't know how to drive in it I guess.

Alan for the most part is an excellent driver but as well as anyone he has his moments. He enjoys tailgating and driving a 101MPH (not really but it seems it) regardless of the weather and or road conditions. He insists that his car was a gift from god; it is nice but not that great. I remember not too long ago he was coming out the school parking lot and he spun right around and ended up backwards in the ditch. This was about the funnies thing I think that I have ever witnessed in my entire life. He claims he wasn't screwing around but I am sure that he was how else he would end up that way he was without using the e-break. Whatever though at least neither him nor his car was damaged and we all for the most part got a good lough except for Alan that is.

Taylor as well as Alan has put her mom's Impala in the ditch this winter hers was so much more interesting though. Taylor was on her way to her boyfriend's house doing around 45MPH when she hit black ice and her car did 3 doughnuts in the middle of the road almost taking out an oncoming vehicle and then coming to rest in some persons front yard around 60 feet from their living room window. She was so far into the yard in snow that it actually shut the car off and it wouldn't start back up she had to park it in a heated garage so it would defrost all the snow that was packed up in the undercarriage. I found this to quite humorous because she sent me and picture of her mom's car in the ditch and I was like what? Then she goes I put it in the ditch and she explained it to me and I just couldn't believe how because it had been nice for days but I guess black ice creates some extremely sticky situations.

So, now on to me I found it to be hilarious that everyone else had went in the ditch and such but I haven't and I was good I almost made it two whole winters with no problem but just the other night this all changed. I was on my way home work and it had just snowed and the roads were covered with snow and Laura was with me and I was like lets pull the e-brake and I did and the car did a doughnut and then another half one and ended up on top of the sidewalk in this huge snow bank in the middle of the intersection in Plattsburgh. People were at the other ends of the lights and



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