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Hsta 102 - a Closer Look at the History of America

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Essay Preview: Hsta 102 - a Closer Look at the History of America

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Alexi Skinner

Early Exam

23 June 2011


Tim Lecain

A Closer Look at the History of America

As we take a look back into our history it is important to understand all causes of all events through time. It is evident that our historical events through time have been caused by a variety of events and people. Four main events through our history that help to understand these methods are, reconstruction, populism and progressivism, the new deal, and civil rights. A closer look at these can explain the natural causes of these phenomena.

By the end of the Civil War, America was essentially in pieces. America was filled with problems including, unemployment, physical damage, and an economic downturn. The physical damage included the Unions destruction of much land and city. Because of the Unions invasion much of the black slaves had fled on foot. The inflation rate had become so high and there was nothing the south could do to turn out of this. Because of the harsh downturn, the southern people were in a state of despair they lost their homes, food, and much of their families.

After all of this despair the South was in need of some desperate help. It is hard to say if one man or person caused this and in a way I believe it was. Lincoln's insistence for civil rights and equality essentially had the most impact on the war and invasion of the South. As the south was in a world of hurt the minds at the Whitehouse had a big task to cover, reconstruction of the south. The main ideas of reconstruction were obviously to transform the south into means of the north including changes in society, legislature, and many other factors. Though reconstruction was not entirely successful, some positive change did occur at this time. Reconstruction and the failure of much of the plan was a basis of an Abraham Lincoln idea.



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