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If We Could Live Forever

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Let us imagine, the year is 3000 and a cure/vaccine to eternal life is on the market. [pic 1]

If this was a fact, I for sure hope that Mars already were inhabit as a new earth, maybe other planets as well, because there would be many people on an already overcrowded earth.

It been said for years, the earth has an expiry date. A date where the sun will burn out, a date were us humans have destroyed the ozone layer – and the earth would not be a nice place to life.

So is eternal life something we want? Would it be benefitting for us as a human race to be able to life forever? Some people claim that to live in a world where everyone around you die would not be a happy place to live. If an eternal cure, were invented, nobody would die, unless they committed suicide. So that argument is a bit weak by itself, it needs more filling.

Others suggest that the mind would have a hard time following up with the everlasting body.  I for sure, would not be scared that the mind would grow old on us, cells are cells, and every 7 year they would renew themselves, in the body and in the brain.  

Eternal life could bring up some mental disorders to the human race. You can´t erase and replace without new consequences to your action will be added. The mental disorders could might be trouble remembering different things, but the body and mind is exceptional, and it would find a way to add up for some off that “lack of memorizing” that maybe could be affected after 300 years of life. Mental disorders such as depression would maybe be high, the bucket list of life would not be existing, and a feeling of existing without any purpose is not healthy in the end, maybe it would even lead to a higher rate of suicide, if the society weren’t healthy. This could take us back to the argument that everyone around you would die.

The main concern I would have, was where to live. If nobody died, overpopulation would be a huge problem, the food resources on earth would not exist after a while, which could lead to war, and an even bigger gap between the rich and poor in our society.

Maybe the gap would be between the once who had the resources to get the cure, and the ones who did not. In an overpopulated world with eternal life there would be a control in the society, Consider the fact that someone would have to take the power of the world, and decide who should have the right to an everlasting life.

I am up for it, if we find a way to inhabit the solar system first.



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