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Immigrants Usa Case

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Yes, immigration does contribute to a better America. Immigration gives Americans the chance to avoid working "dirty" jobs. Immigrants bring new ideas. Also, increasing the intake of immigrants create a plethora of jobs for American citizens. Immigrants also work against poverty. Creating international mobility for foreigners will increase America's population. These aspects that immigrants possess are beneficial to Americans and the economy in general. Immigrants will contribute to America in a very positive manner.

Americans aspire to either attend college in the future, or has already earned the degree desired. They earn these degrees so that they can obtain a well paid job that does not require "dirty" labor. These jobs can consist of cooking, cleaning, or working as a construction worker. Most Americans detest these jobs. This is where immigrants become beneficial. Immigrants come over to America and work the jobs a plethora of Americans don't want. Also, immigrants work these jobs at a much lower rate than Americans. "Critics argue that low-skilled immigration is harmful because the newcomers are poorer and less-educated than Americans. But that is precisely why they are considered to do low-paid, low-skilled jobs that Americans shun." This proves that immigrants are more beneficial than Americans believe them to be. Although many Americans are not fund of these jobs, Foreigners are very appreciative. They work these jobs without complaint, and smile at the opportunity to have work. As Philippe Legrain stated in his article, "many are drawn to rich countries such as the United States by the huge demand for workers to fill the low-end jobs that their increasingly well-educated and comfortable citizens do not want. Immigrants are actually helping Americans out. Immigrants are much more beneficial than given credit. In a way, Americans need immigrants.

Americans are unaware that many of the intelligent ideas that benefit America are the ideas of foreigners. For example, "Intel, Yahoo!, Google, and eBay were all co-founded by immigrants, many of whom arrived as children." This proves that the contributions of immigrants better America. These websites are visited daily by U.S. citizens. An abundance of Americans are not aware that immigrants are responsible for coming up with ideas that created these websites. Also, people in other countries see things in an extremely different light than most Americans. This causes immigrants minds to exceed above average. "Researcher shows that a diverse group of talented individuals can perform better than a likeminded group of geniuses. Many Americans confuse this concept with foreigners thinking that they are "smarter" than Americans. This is not the case. Immigrants see life in a totally different way than most Americans. For example, in other countries parents marry off (what Americans would consider underage) their twelve



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