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Implementation and Control

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Essay Preview: Implementation and Control

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After researching the market there is a positive trend for healthier lifestyle among the people in the metro Atlanta area. Spa Sydell plans to increase their revenue by 10% by implementing a wellness program, which will attract the health conscious individuals. The marketing plan includes obtaining new customers, retaining current customers, offering new programs and products. Spa Sydell wants to have a presence with the younger generations and promote the wellness program to help college students become aware of a day without stress. Spa Sydell plans to make college campus visits to promote the new products and give mini spa samples to help attract new potential customers. We think the key to success for marketing our business is by word of mouth therefore, Spa Sydell wants to Offer a referral program to our current customers. The referral programs will include 10% off services or buy one get one free. By launching our business near the airport we will offer convenience to those on the go and have long delays between flights with little time to travel into town for a spa treatment.

Spa Sydell will increase their marketing expenses to $10,000 which is about 10% of sales, part of the expenses include plans to obtain new customers by way of brochures, coupons, and emails. To help offset some of the advertising cost Spa Sydell will launch an open house for free facials for those who purchase a package deal. Giving free facials have very little impact on cost and it is a way of adverting new products without the extra cost by bringing customers into the Spa.


The marketing strategies will be launched by each facility's directors. The directors are responsible for their own facilities because they have first hand contact with customers. They are responsible for overseeing the budget and ensuring the programs are running smoothly. To understand our customer's wants and needs we will put into practice surveys that will rate our service and product needs. Furthermore, our directors will report daily sales and satisfaction rates too our regional office to help set goals for the future.

The time frame to introduce the new programs and products is within 6 months. A schedule and expectation of success will be handed out to each director to make certain everyone is on the same page. Spa Sydell will have trained staff to help implement the new program to ensure customer's satisfactory with our services.

The four P's

Our product is selling spa services that will enhance the needs of relieving stress from everyday life such as school, work, and relationships ect. Our services will include a wellness program that will attract people that want to increase their knowledge on how to live a healthier life style and heal the mind, body and soul. We want to help our customers become



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