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History of Human Mind Control

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Its bullshit and fake, but would be really cool if someone could actually do it. Finging a way to have mind control is fake because one cannot have such great powers. Its a god like power and if someone could have the power of mind control I would think that they would misuse it 24/7. Mind control is the power of reading or knowing what is going on in somebody mind/head. This power was shown to be false in the movie "Dinner for Schmucks". Zach Galafankis thinks he has this awesome power and uses it to bend and controll the mind of Steve Carrell. You can tell the entire time that its just complety fake. Overall if you are reading this and actually know someone or you yourself have this power feel free to contact me at I once knew a guy that thought he had this power but once we put he in our testing center he failed to show us the correct mind controll powers that we where hoping to see. Oh yeah and if you have any other powers like shooting lighting out of your finger tips or mabye even shooting shit out of your fingers tips please contact me ASAP. Thanks!!!

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