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Implementing Smart Goals Effectively

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Implementing SMART Goals Effectively

In this paper I will explain how can I implement the SMART goals system and incorporate rate it with self-leadership. The key message is how I can take my leadership role to the next level; becoming a more successful person in all aspects of my life. According to Mann & Neck (1999), self-leadership is defined as a "process through which people influence themselves to achieve the self-direction and self-motivation need to perform" (Mann & Neck, 1999). Sydanmaanlakka notes that, self-leadership consists of very concrete things. Professional condition means having clear objectives in work, sufficient competence, feedback about performance and continuous development. By physical condition it means that you have a balanced diet, and that you exercise, sleep and rest adequately. Mental condition means that you are energetic, curious, have the ability to take fast decisions and for learning new things. Social condition means that you can take of your relationships, with your partner or spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, and that you have time for hobbies. Spiritual condition means that the purpose, values, vision and actions of your life are in balance. This means that you have clear objectives and spiritual stimuli steering your life. (Sydanmaanlakka, 2004, p. 2)

The implementation of SMART goals into my personal, educational, and professional goals will ensure myself continued success; giving me a better understanding to be able to navigate my life and daily situations better. I will tactfully describe my developmental levels for each of these three goals; and use the SMART goals to give myself a better understanding of what I need to accomplish. For my educational and personal goal my developmental level is a D4; Self -Reliant Achiever, and professional goal the developmental level would be D3; Capable but Cautious Performer.

Educational Goals and SMART

My developmental level is D4; self-reliant achiever. Self reliant achiever has a high competence and a high commitment to the task. I want to successfully graduate with my master's degree in public administration, then furthering my education by completing my law degree. The letter S of the SMART acronym was used for this goal, specific you must answer the five "W" questions: What, Why, Who, Where, and Which. What: I want to complete my master's degree and then pursue a law degree; Why: To become more financially secure; Who: Those who are playing an active role in this goal would be family, the professors at GCU, and myself; Where: GCU for my masters' and a nationally accreditated school of law; Which: Completion of all necessary coursework to receive my masters; take the LSAT, and then apply for law school.

Personal Goals and SMART

The developmental level is the same



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