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Smart Goals

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Smart Goals

Goals, like destinations on a gps can be reached by following directions. If you don`t just want to live and die like a plant, and of course you don`t, you need goals. So how can you find or decide what your goals are.

Goals are supposed to be smart and not only smart literally, but also smart that we use as an abbreviation of S(specific)M(measurable)A(aggreed or achieved)R(realistic)T(timely). Setting a smart goal is not the only way to reach your target, but thinking about its steps gives us the right directions.

First of all, it is supposed to be "specific" which means clearly stating the task that what you want to do with its limits. If you want to lose weight, you should say eat fruits and vegetables instead of eating right. Saying " I am going to eat right" is not clear for your goal. But if you say, " I am going to eat one fruit and two servings vegetables everyday it is also " measurable".You can see the changes as they occur when it is a measurable and specific goal. After that it also should be "achievable". If you say " I am going to lose two pounds in a day" that is not achievable and you can lose your hope and give up. However, if you say two pounds in a week it is reachable level for your goal. You know yourself better than everyone. Maybe losing two pounds is an achievable goal but don`t sell yourself short if you can do more or don`t push yourself to meet others` goals. They should be "realistic" for you. If you hate running, don`t waste your time with it. Go swim or do something else that you like. At last it also has to be "timely". You can not do this schedule for your whole life. Perhaps two weeks, a month or whatever else you can do.

Setting a smart goal is just a way to reach your target as I said before. Changing habits take time and is easier said than done. Setting a smart goal is one of the best way to do it.



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