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Implementing Veterans First

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Essay Preview: Implementing Veterans First

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Implementing Patient-Centered Culture in Veterans Healthcare System “Veterans First”

Effective Date: October 20, 2017 for 2017-2018

Prepared by: Roland A. Barrett, CNA, BSHA

Medical Center Director: Francisco Vazquez, M.B.A. | 713-794-7931

Deputy Medical Center Director: Karandeep Sraon, MBBS, MBA, FACHE | 713-794-8923

Chief of Staff: J. Kalavar, M.D. | (713) 794-7011

Associate Director Patient Care Services: Kelly A. Irving | 713-794-7475

Medical Center Deputy Chief of Staff: James Scheurich, M.D. | 713-794-7436

Associate Director: Anthony L. Dawson, MHA, FACHE | 713-794-7531


The purpose of Veteran-Family Center Care (VFCC) plan is to be instituted and implemented through a perspective patient-center culture in the Veterans Healthcare System “Veterans First” for the organization. This plan facilitates education, communication, consistency and effectiveness of the program.

This perspective patient-centered culture ensures that Veterans Healthcare System Medical Centers implements and maintains a Veterans-Family Center Care (VFCC) program in accordance with the Joint Commission standards, Standard of Practices by different Licensing authority and guidelines from state and federal regulatory agencies.


It is the responsibility of all employees of Veterans Healthcare System to be

familiar with the contents of this plan and adhere to the procedure outlined within.


This Veteran-Family Center Care (VFCC) shall be distributed hospital-wide and online.


The Veteran-Family Center Care (VFCC) supports and promotes the mission, vision and values of the Veterans Healthcare System-Michael E. DeBakey VA Hospital Texas Medical Center through the practice of developing and implementing a perspective patient-centered of culture among its consumers, which implies but not limit to its veteran, staff and visitors.

In a perspective patient-centered culture and quality, all individuals are focused on maintaining excellence in providing care. A perspective patient-centered culture and quality thrive in an environment that supports teamwork and respect for other people, regardless of their position in the organization. Leaders demonstrate their commitment to quality and safety, and set expectations for those who work in the organization. Leaders evaluate the culture on a regular basis. In Michael E. DeBakey VA Texas Medical Center, we will conduct a perspective patient-centered culture and patient safety survey by the second quarter in every two years. We have a -perspective patient-centered culture evaluation tool in the light of AHRQ model. On the web site, one can enter in the survey form through intranet and complete the survey electronically as per instruction. Those of the employee that does not have any intranet computer connection, their supervisors should provide a departmental computer with Internet Explorer to go to the survey site and complete the survey on the web.



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