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Importance of Drinking Water

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Without a proper amount of water, water has a part in almost every body function. Without enough fluid, our bodies are not able to function the way that it should to keep us healthy. We have to drink plenty of water or eat water based foods every day to balance what is lost doing urination, feces excretion, and sweating; which are the main ways that we lose water. We have to do this because water is not able to be stored. Our bodies have many ways in which it is able to lose large amounts of water; the main way is through urine, which is regulated. The unregulated method of losing water is through feces and sweat. The more active we are, the more water that is loss through sweating. Low calorie diets cause the breakdown of fats and proteins, which causes for excess toxins needing to be excreted. Diets high in sodium triggers a water loss due to the excess sodium must be deleted from the body through urination. These are just some of the ways that we can lose water, if the loss of water becomes extreme, we become dehydration.

Dehydration happens when the body does not have enough water to function. Dehydration shows symptoms extremely quickly. The body at this point is lacking other nutrients to sustain; and the body will deteriorate fast without the accurate amount of water. Dehydration can be dangerous, when the blood volume is reduced; the body lacks the ability to transport oxygen and nutrients to cells, and is not able to produce enough liquids to remove waste from the body. Dehydration can easily happen doing exercise, while exercising, the body losses an increased amount of water.

To avoid dehydration doing exercising; it is best to take regular breaks to replenish the water that has been lost. It is vital to avoid alcohol that disrupts hormones levels that control constant urination, or caffeine, that causes a temporary increase in metabolism, this depletes body resources faster and causes the body to lose water. Using these products can cause the body to lose water that is needed to maintain hydration. Alcohol and caffeine can act as diuretics in the body, which causes increased urination; this also can contribute to becoming dehydrated. The early signs of dehydration are thirst, tiredness, dry eyes and mouth, dark urination, and lack of appetite. The signs that dehydration has gotten to a serious stage is nausea, lack of concentration, and disorientation.



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